Technically, this a is lawn tractor. But considering the 1600's durable construction, exceptional cutting ability and wide ranging versatility, it's more accurate to call it a lawn tractor with a garden tractor's heart. Which explains its long term appeal with homeowners. And with the wealth of intelligent, easy-to-use features like a Quick Hitch™ mower deck, infinite cutting height, adjustment, electric PTO clutch and handy hour meter, you'll find its appeal to be even greater once you actually drive and mow with one
Automatic, Sure-Footed Traction When You Need It. The Automatic Controlled Traction™ makes handling hilly terrain and slippery conditions a snap. It provides power to both wheels when needed. No other lawn tractor on the market offers this type of advanced traction system.
An Even Cut On Any Terrain - The unique pivoting front axle adapts to uneven terrain, allowing the free-floating mower deck to hug the contours of your lawn.