The Express is sold only at authorized servicing dealers. A quality lawn tractor like the Express is available only from independent dealers who have years of experience in helping tractor buyers make the right decisions. Your dealer has the knowledge to answer your questions, let you test drive the Express, offer advise on operating it, even deliver it to your home. And of course, your dealer will be available to help you with seasonal maintenance with the parts and accessories to keep your Express performing beautifully for years to come. With the Express, you're getting more than just a tractor; you're getting the expertise of a dedicated dealer, too.
Reliable Engine- Briggs & Stratton 14.5-hp and 15.5-hp engines give you all the power you'll ever need. The overhead valve engine design means increased performance with better fuel economy, lower emissions and longer engine life.
Free Floating™ Mower The Express makes a beautiful lawn easy with a twin-blade, 38" mower that floats over your lawn for a smooth, even cut. Quick Hitch™ system lets you remove mower in just seconds