A Nimble Machine With Fingertip Controls. The most compact AGCO Allis mowing product. But don't let the size fool you. It has every bit as much durability, performance and pure cutting ability as any other AGCO Allis machine. Its nimble design, in fact, produces an amazingly tight 12" turning radius, ideal for mowing around intricate landscape challenges. Hardly a scaled down product, the 400 provides several premium features including the exclusive Dial-a-Cut control that makes it easy to make an infinite number of cutting height adjustments and an electric PTO that starts the mower blade with the pull of a switch.
The Patented Ground Hugger™ Design. Our torsion bar suspension delivers exceptional traction, even when the terrain is hilly or uneven.
Easy Access - Underneath our lightweight, pop-up seat deck, we've put everything at your fingertips for easy service. Plus, we've added a large see-through gas tank so you'll always know how much fuel you have.