Don Wherry's Home Page

I've always wanted a den - you know, a good sized room, not too brightly lighted, with an easychair and a reading lamp, and lots of shelves for books and stuff, and NO TV, but maybe a good stereo.  Someplace for keepsakes, curios and mementos.  Someplace to snooze umm...  meditate on the important things in my life, gently cradled between relics of past projects and dreams of future ones.

Now, twenty dollars a month won't add a broomcloset to my domicile these days, let alone a den, but it gets me Internet access, and with that, provision for a web page - a virtual den.

Welcome!  Be patient, please...  It's new, and most of my stuff is still in packing boxes.

17-Jan-2010 Presentation of BSA Religious Emblem Pictures