Debbie and Don

An Internet Romance


The Internet in general and Internet Relay Chat in particular has received a good deal of press recently. For every story about someone who was deceived and/or abused by an Internet contact, there is a story about Internet meetings that resulted in a close friendship.

Our story has a very happy ending. Not only did we meet in the #30Something chat room and become friends, we also fell in love, and now have a wonderful and successful marriage.

A word of caution: Internet Relay Chat can be a very dangerous place. Folks aren't always who or what they say they are. In fact, we no longer even have IRC software on our computer. IRC was an interesting place to visit when we were single, but now that we are married we prefer to spend our leisure time enjoying one another, not establishing new relationships.

Here's a little information about us. Don is a retired military officer who now works providing computer support for a financial institution. Debbie is a homemaker and school volunteer; she plans to return to the job market in the near future. Megan, Debbie's daughter from her first marriage, is a 3rd grade honor student. Don's children from his first marriage, Amy and Mike, are college students in another state.