Debbie and Don
and Megan

(Known to the world as Lady240D and LT Don)

This site is a rebirth of the one originally build in 1996 and then pulled in 1998 after there were some issues with a cyber-stalker. We are hoping that the page can stay active this time. It will take a while to reconstruct so please be patient and check back often for updates. What appears below is a “quick and dirty” of our interests to serve as a placeholder until more interesting stuff is added in the near future.

Our 1977 Mercedes-Benz 240D
Our 1972 Honda CB-500K Motorcycle
Democratic National Committee

The Must-Be Place For Mercedes-Benz Owners 
Total Relaxation
How To Avoid Fighting Over The Computer
Our Cats -- Not A Care In The World
Why A Husband Should Never Take A Phone Message For His Wife
Our Original Web Site (1996)
Megan's Very Old Web Page