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nikim-hat Return to Nauvoo

Niki and the doll named after her join a wagon train reverse re-enactment, in 2002.

They follow the Iowa Mormon Trail (she has their logo on her shirt) back to Nauvoo, to attend the dedication of the Temple that replaces the one destroyed in 1847-48. Niki's ancestors helped build the original one before they they left in 1846. She keeps a diary on the trail, that along with her family history, will become part of the book.

The doll is 19½ inches, poseable, comes with extra dress set, including a handkerchief for waving at the "Hallelujah Shout", a backpack with her diary and ticket (copy of original) for the dedication.

The book will be mailed when completed. Dolls are $99.00 + postage and tax if Iowa. Horse is 10.00 with doll 12.00 if mailed separately.

Donated to the Weld Museum, Nauvoo.

Lissie Elder, Iowa '96

#1 in the series, with her story of crossing Iowa in the bitter cold winter of 1846, when the Mormons left Nauvoo, Illinois. She carries a bag of rocks that she picked up along the trail. Lissie is named after Betty's grandmother and is buried in Confidence, Iowa. Comes with a story tag

Donated to the Iowa State Historical Museum in Des Moines, IA

Lissie Elder Doll
Ira Elder Doll Ira Elder, Iowa '97

#2 doll, along with his dog "Bones" joins his sister Lissie and their parents in Southern Iowa. He was ill when the Elder's left Nauvoo in 1846, Ira was left behind to come to Iowa the next year with the Winters family. In his haversack he carries a Guinea feather, and an arrowhead Bones dug up. Also comes with a story book.

Donated to the Prairie Trails Museum in Corydon, IA.

Rebecca Winters, Nebraska '97

#3 in the series Rebecca's story tells about leaving Omaha in the spring of 1847 and her journey across Nebraska in a covered wagon. She is buried near Scottsbluff, NE. Rebecca carries a basket of berries she picked at Winter Quarters, a journal in her pocket, and a story book.

Donated to the North Platte Valley Museum in Gering, NE.

Rebecca Winters Doll

Nellie Pucell Doll Nellie Pucell, Wyoming '97

The #4 Doll was 10 years old when she was trapped in a snow storm in the mountains of Wyoming with the Martin Handcart Co. Both of her feet were frozen and had to be amputated. Nellie has one bandaged foot, walks with a crutch, and carries a basket of yarn balls. Comes with a story book.

Donated to the National Historic Trails Center, Casper, WY.

Patty Sessions, Utah '97

#5 doll in the series finds an intense need to write about crossing Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, and into Salt Lake Territory in 1846 & 1847, She is always helping sick or injured people and animals. Patty wears the friendship bead that Bones dug up, has a Bible tucked into her pocket, carries a bandaged bear, and comes with a story book.

Donated to the McCurdy Historical Doll Museum, Provo, UT.

Patty Sessions Doll

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