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SCOPE: Fantasy Football is an organization comprising of several franchise owners who form together
one or more leagues, draft a team of 16 NFL offensive players and play a 14 game regular season against
each other. The season culminates in a play-off extravaganza that takes place on the 14th,15th and 16th weeks of the NFL
regular season.

ORGANIZATION: There will be one league, consisting of two divisions. Any one team may have two
or more owners, but no one owner is allowed any interest in more than one franchise. One owner shall be
chosen or appointed as commissioner. The commissioner is responsible for collection of fees, providing
schedules, compiling weekly scores, results and standings, payment of weekly and season winnings, and
ensuring that all rules are followed by all franchise owners. The commissioner will select another owner to
serve as an assistant commissioner on the occasion when he cannot fulfill his duties.

FEES AND AWARDS: Each franchise owner will pay a franchise fee of $35 to the commissioner prior to
participation in the league player draft. The total amount taken in will be awarded back to the owners
during and after the season according to table 2

PLAYER DRAFT: The league draft will take place at the most convenient time and place before the start
of the first regular season game. Any franchise owner requesting a change in the draft date after it has been
set will be required to pay a “re-scheduling fee” consisting of two cases of GOOD COLD BEER, payable
on the day of the draft. Draft positions will be determined by lot, with the order reversing every round.
Draft numbers will also determine divisional groupings. All NFL players are eligible to be drafted.
Kickers, quarterbacks, runningbacks, and receivers participate in the vast majority of the scoring plays
during the course of a game. Each owner should come to the draft PREPARED to select an adequate
number of players at each position to ensure against personnel losses due to injuries, etc....

STANDINGS: Divisional standings will be determined on the basis of won/loss percentages. In the
event of ties, total points will be used as the determining factor. Further ties will be broken on the basis of
head to head results, then by won/loss records within the division, won/loss records outside the division
and finally by a coin toss.

LINEUPS: Each week, all franchise owners will select from their rosters a starting lineup of 7 players
with positions being filled in the following manner:


1 -- Quarterback



1 -- Place Kicker



2 -- Runningbacks ( half or full )



2 -- Receivers (wide, flankers or tight-ends )



1 -- Runningback/Receiver (half or full , wide, flankers or tight-ends )


The remaining 9 players are “on the bench” and the points they may happen to score while in this status
do not count towards the weekly totals. Each owner is responsible for providing a weekly lineup to the
commissioner and also his/her opponent that week prior to the above mentioned kickoff. In the event an
owner does not or can not file a lineup with the commissioner or his/her opponent for any given week due
to illness, etc.... the prior weeks lineup will be used.

In the event an incomplete line-up is turned in or an ineligible player is started and the error is not detected
until after kick-off, the following procedure will be followed to determine the player or players to be started
in the missing line-up spots.
If QB or PK, the player started the previous week will be used, if that player is not eligible the week previous
to that will be used and so on. If there are no more weeks then the starter will be determined by using the
earliest drafted player at that position on the owners roster. Players acquired through trades and waivers will
be considered after drafted players and earliest acquired will have priority. Players acquired through trades will
have priority over players acquired via waivers if they were acquired the same week.
RB and RE positions will be handled similarly, using draft order and week acquired to determine which player
has priority if more than one player was changed at the position from one week to the next. If there is still a
conflict then the player will be chosen by alphabetical order (last name then first if necessary). If no eligible
player is found , the line-up slot will receive a score of zero.
NOTE: Players on a bye week or listed in the injury reports as "out" will not be started unless there are no
other eligible players in that position on the owners roster.


SCORING: Points are awarded for players involved in scoring plays as follows:





PAT 1 Pt; Field Goal (39 Yrds or less) 3 Pts;



 (40-49 Yrds) 4 Pts;



(50 or more)5 pts






Player scoring a TD (49 Yrds or less) 6 Pts;



(50 Yrds or more) 10 Pts



Player throwing a TD pass (49 Yrds or less) 4 Pts;



(50 Yrds or more) 7 Pts






Player scoring on a conversion attempt 2 Pts.



Player throwing a scoring pass on a conversion attempt 1 Pt.



Passing Yards score 1 point per 30 yards passing.



Rushing, Receiving, score 1 point per 10 yards ( both catagories calculated seperately ).

Note: No Points are awarded for Kick and Punt returns, TDs scored on Kick and Punt returns are scored the same as
rushing and receiving TDs. A fumble or lateral that is part of a scoring play counts points only for the player actually
crossing the goal line, be it a pass or running play. All points will be awarded according to scoring summaries as
calculated by Fanball.com. Any scoring errors discovered in the summaries ( occasionally there are some ) will be
reviewed by the commissioner and a final decision made.
All owners must notify the commissioner of any scoring errors in points or standings by Wednesday of the
following week to have them corrected. Any errors found after the following Wednesday may not be changed
unless otherwise ruled by the commissioner.

TRADES: All trades are free and need not be approved, but must come before the commissioner to be
reviewed for any rule violations. Please use the Website to enter trades whenever possible.
Once a trade is made the player(s) traded may not be traded back to the
previous owner who traded him. All rosters must remain at the required number of players. The trade
deadline will be week 14, no trades will be accepted by the commissioner after the kickoff of the first game
on week 14. The commissioner will notify all owners of any trades by listing them on the Transaction web

STANDARD WAIVER OPTION: Each week during the regular season, each franchise owner will have the
option of waiving one player from his/her roster and replacing him with any eligible player. Eligible players
include any players not currently on an FFL roster (dropped players will remain ineligible for the remainder
of the week). Waiver order will be determined by lowest total points, with tie-breakers as follows.... lowest won/lost
percentage, head to head results (if any), and finally by coin toss.
Before 2:00 AM Thursday, on the Webpage or via e-mail, the commissioner must receive a list
of free-agents and the player to be dropped from each participating team. Please use the automated claims on the
Website whenever possible. The team with the first pick will receive the first player on his/her list, this player
will no longer be available to other teams. The next team will receive the first available player on their list
and so on until all participating teams have received their pick. Picks not received by the deadline will be
processed on a first-come first-served basis.

BEER BOY RULE: The owner who finishes the regular season with the fewest total points shall be dubbed
"Beer Boy" for next season's draft if it can be shown that the owner did not make a reasonable attempt to
start the best possible line-up every week. The "Beer Boy's" duties do not end by merely supplying beer
(one case) at next year's draft...that would be far too kind and not nearly humiliating enough. The
"Beer Boy" must be at the beck and call of the other owners throughout the entire draft! Upon request (eg. a
whistle or a snap of the fingers) the "Beer Boy" must get up from his seat and go to the frig. or cooler to get
the thirsty owner a beer of his liking.  The thirsty owner may also have the "Beer Boy" open the can or
bottle of beer.
The "Beer Boy" is the owner with the lowest point total.  The only way to score the fewest points and
not be the "Beer Boy" would be to show some kind of proof of trying to start the best possible lineup each
Note: in the event that the offending owner is a female please substitute "Beer Babe" for "Beer Boy" in the
preceding section.



PLAY-OFFS: In week 14 the two division winners and the next four teams with the best records will be
in the Super Bowl play-offs and the remaining teams will be in the Toilet Bowl play-offs. The Division leaders
will receive a bye on week 14. The Division winner with the best record will be ranked no.1 the other
Division winner no. 2 with remaining teams ranked 3-10 by record.
The schedule for weeks 14, 15 and 16 will look like this...

         Week 14
  No.1 and No.2  - bye
Game 1  No.3 vs. No.6
Game 2  No.4 vs. No.5
Game 3  No.7 vs. No.10
Game 4  No.8 vs. No.9

         Week 15
Game 5  No.2 vs. Winner Game 1
Game 6  No.1 vs. Winner Game 2
Game 7  Loser Game 1 vs. Loser Game 2  ( 5th Place )
Game 8  Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4  ( 7th Place )
Game 9  Loser Game 3 vs. Loser Game 4  ( 9th Place )

          Week 16
Game 10  Winner Game 5 vs. Winner Game 6  (
1st Place – Super Bowl )
Game 11  Loser Game 5 vs. Loser Game 6  (
3rd Place )
  No. 5,6,7,8,9,10 - bye
Any ties during playoff games will be broken by the same method used to break ties in the standings.

FAIR PLAY: The primary objective of the Fantasy Football League is to provided added enjoyment in
watching the game of professional football throughout the season while following the exploits of the players
on your team. Win or lose, fair play and enjoyment should be the goal of each and every franchise owner.
Any attempt to disregard or circumvent the meaning of the rules as a means for taking unfair advantage will
not be allowed. Any owner(s) who elects to no longer participate in the league through the course of the
season will forfeit any due winnings.
Remember! It’s a lot of fun! Have a great year!!!!!


Table 1
Payoff Chart
10 Team League - Two Divisions