Bowers' Past Steeds!!

Gone... but not forgotten!!

1966 Mustang coupe (aka "The Pony”) - This was David’s first car, which he purchased in 1980 as a junior in high school. It didn’t really have much in the way of options: Wimbledon White with a red standard interior, 289 2v “C” code, 3-speed tranny and an AM radio. We sold it in 1987 after deciding it was too rusty and would cost too much to fix up (had been driven all year around and the floors were pretty much gone). Besides, the poor thing had over 170,000 miles on it with no major mechanical work being done the whole time he owned it! We both have lots of fond memories of this car since we started dating right before he bought it! David also just found out that the car is still around and alive. He would like to buy the car back someday to turn it into the car he wish's he could have while in high school!

1970 Mustang Boss 302 - This was David’s second car (quite a step up, wasn’t it?). He purchased it in 1985 from a guy in Indiana and became its third owner. This car had lots of desirable options - Grabber Blue with a black deluxe interior, shaker hood scoop, rear window louvers, rear spoiler, courtesy light group, etc.. Talk about a gorgeous car! After showing it and cruising in it for two years, David decided to sell it in the spring of 1987 right before our wedding because we didn’t have a “family” car yet. He sold it to a guy from Virginia who flew in to drive it home. We picked up a 1983 T-bird Turbo Coupe to replace it. Needless to say, we really wish we could have kept this car!!

1985 Mustang GT hatchback - We bought this car in 1987 shortly after selling the ‘66 coupe. It was a really nice looking car - Bright Red with grey cloth interior, T-tops, 5-speed, AM/FM stereo cassette, power windows and locks, etc. however, the car developed a number of problems during the short time we had it. These problems included a leaky heater core ($$$), peeling paint (from previous accident repair), and a carburetor which shot gas into the air cleaner element during cornering. Anyway, it got too expensive to keep, so we sold it in 1988. We’d love to get another just like it someday only without all the mechanical problems!

1968 High Country Special Mustang - After selling the ‘85 GT, we needed another car and got the urge to own another old, unique Mustang. After considering our options, we decided to look for a ‘68 High Country Special Mustang, which you don’t see many of around here. We located this one in Denver, CO and drove out in July 1988 to pick it up. Even though the car wasn’t all the guy represented it to be, it was still in very good daily driver condition and still had all the important original HCS equipment on it. It had a 302 4v “J” code engine with a 4-speed, power steering and the “GT” package (w/ dual exhaust, disc brakes and styled steel wheels) which was a separate option from the HCS package. After driving it everyday for awhile, it was involved in an accident which made us decide to fix it up for showing since it had to be repainted anyway. The engine compartment and engine were redone with a Cobra engine dress-up kit and numerous other cosmetic and mechanical items were replaced or redone. This car was lots of fun to show and cruise in and proved to be a real attention getter! By 1992, we were expecting our second child and decided to sell the car to improve our financial situation. The car was sold to a couple from Arkansas.

1989 Mustang LX 5.0L notchback - Well, by 1989, the ‘83 Turbo Coupe was drinking oil at a rapid rate and something had to be done! The 5.0L bug had bitten pretty hard and so we started looking for a 5.0L Mustang to become our “family” car. This car had been a Ford program car and was Medium Shadow Blue with an AOD, premium sound, air conditioning and power windows and locks. This was a nice car, as a matter of fact, it even seemed to be much faster than ‘91 GT that we own now in stock form. We ended up trading this car in for the 1991 GT we now own.

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