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So... you'd like to know a little more about us, right?

Well, let's get the vital statistics over and done with first, then we'll have a little fun!

GT under snowbank

Where We Live...

We're from Urbandale, Iowa and have lived here in the Des Moines area ever since we got married in 1987. Yes, you heard right - Iowa, land of the 10 foot tall snowdrifts and sub-zero temps! Of course, this makes enjoying our favorite hobbies pretty difficult from October through March each year. Would you believe that there is a '91 Mustang GT underneath that snowbank in the photos to the left?! These photos were taken back in 1996 right after a January blizzard. Click on them to view a larger image.

GT under snowbank (2)

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Our Interests...

You'd probably classify us as your average middle class family of four... To the right are our two daughters, Krista, 8, and Amy, 5. This photo is from Krista's 7th birthday party (July 4). As you can see, they were having lots of fun. That's Amy about to stick her finger into the cake. Of course as with most kids, they keep us on the run a good part of the time.

our kids
the girls of the family

As you'll find out in more detail later, our biggest hobby is enjoying our three Ford Mustangs. To the left are the "girls" of the family, including the "Filly", our '65 Mustang.

And here is one of our other Mustang's doing what it does best, roasting the tires. Don't you know that every performance Mustang owner is supposed to have a picture of his/her car doing this? Who needs tires, anyway?!

who needs tires, anyway?
cheeseheads, eh?

Before we move on, there is one more thing... no Packers fan's homepage would be complete without a photo of them in all their "cheesy" glory. This photo shows David and Krista in their Brett Favre jerseys on the left with brother-in-law (and fellow cheesehead), Ron, on the right. Go Pack! Superbowl XXXI Champions!

Our Mustangs...

As mentioned above, one interest we do share is our love of Ford Mustangs.

Check out our 1965 Mustang coupe, 1985 Mustang GT hatchback and 1991 Mustang GT hatchback by clicking here...

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1982 - 1993 Mustang GT Registry...

We are also the founders of the 1982 - 1993 Mustang GT Registry. To find out more information about the registry and late model GT's, click here...

Cruise over to the 1982-1993 Mustang GT Registry Homepage

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