Hi! Iím Shelby (named after the famous Carroll Shelby, the guy who built those cool Shelby Cobras & Mustangs) and the people I live with adopted me from the Animal Rescue League when I was a cute, irresistable little kitten. Everyone thinks I have some really weird habits like drinking water by dipping my paws into the water dish and licking it off (kind of like a Maine Coon Cat) instead of just drinking it straight out of the bowl. I also like to jump in the shower when the water is running. About a year ago, Kathy and David took me to that horrible place called ďThe Vetís OfficeĒ to have a lump taken off my leg and they said they still canít decide if Iím really worth the money they spent on me for my operation (about $175!!) - even after all the pain and suffering I went through! I dunno, Iím really not as naughty as they think I am (even though I do like to climb on things, knock things down, eat things Iím not supposed to and Iím not real good at using the litter box). I mean, after all, I let those 2 kids, Krista and Amy drag me all over the house and play with me. Isnít that worth something? Besides, Cougar would miss me if I werenít around!


Hello. Iím Cougar and Iím the oldest cat (and, in my opinion, the smartest cat!) of the household and guardian of those people who took me in. They adopted me from the Animal Rescue League when I was a little kitten and, boy, am I grateful for that! When Iím not napping on the water bed, I spend most of my time dodging that terror on two legs, 4 year old Amy. Iím the good cat - I wouldnít climb on anything high if my life depended on it (I do enjoy knocking the kitchen garbage can over every once in awhile, though). David and Kathy let me sleep on their bed at night and I keep them happy by curling up on their laps every chance I get (when I do this, they even forgive me for my garbage can problem!). Like I said before, Iím the guardian of the house and Iím not too thrilled when strangers come over (I usually let them know this by hissing at them!). My favorite past times are sneaking outside and intimidating the neighborhood dogs, playing with fake mice and wrestling with Shelby. Oh yeah, I also have a weakness for left over milk from cold cereal and melted ice cream.

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