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This 1890's scene shows buildings that are no longer in existence. The board sidewalk was a special feature of the main-street in those days. This is the east side of the street on the corner south of what is now the Lion's Building. At this time there were three mills, a plow & wagon factory, creamery, tannery, pork-packing plant, woolen factory, and a cheese factory.

This picture was taken on the south side of Cedar Street. Birmingham's only newspaper, The Birmingham Enterprise, was published on the upper floor of one of these central buildings. This picture was taken in the early 1900's.

This picture was taken of a fire that burnt out E.H. Alton and a few businesses.

The Birmingham Band

Back Row (left to right) - Earl Layman, Paul Topping, Earl Shott, Grover Johnson, Frank Anderson, Joe Ferrel, Ray Rail, Clyde Hall, Faye Arnold

Front Row (left to right) - George Simmons, M.D. "Doc" Hope, Fred Work, Floyd Buckmaster, John Rail, Craig Alton, -----?------, Clyde Simmons, Bobbie Johnston

1905- This is the Birmingham Lumberyard on Cedar Street. The Railroad tracks ran alongside the building. The man in the doorway is William R. Shott, the manager of the lumberyard. This was number 12 of 13 lumberyards owned by United Lumber Company headquartered in Clinton.

"O mother dear a short farewell That we may meet again above And Rove where angels love to dwell Where trees of life bear fruits of love"

Inscription on Mary Ann Rutledge's Gravestone

One of the sweetest love stories of history is that of Abraham Lincoln and Ann Rutledge, and the fact that Ann Rutledge's mother lies buried in Van Buren county soil ties that story very closely to our own interests.

Soon after Ann's death and heartbreak of the young lover, Lincoln, Mrs. Mary Ann Rutledge (Aunt Polly to her neighbors) moved to Iowa with six of her eight living children. Her husband, James, had died soon after the death of Ann, and she sought new scenes in which to forget her grief.

Aunt Polly died in Birmingham Dec. 26, 1878, at the age of 91, and was laid to rest in the Bethel cemetery near the home in which she had done so much living.


Mary Ann Miller Rutledge


Wife of John James Rutledge, Jr.



Mary Ann Miller Rutledge

Mother of Jane Officer, John Miller, Anne Mays, David Hamilton, Robert Brannon, Nancy Cameron (see below), Margaret Armstrong, William Blackburn, Mary Anderson, Sarah Foster

Pictures of Mary Rutledge and Nancy Prewit provided by Janet Lewis. A great, great, great granddaughter of Mary Ann Rutledge.

John James & Mary Ann Rutledge

(Son)John Miller Rutledge & Sarah Calhoun Harris

(Son) William Harris Rutledge & Anna Belle West

(Daughter) Sarah Josephine Rutledge Allen

(Daughter) Marilyn Virginia Allen Wagnitz

(Daughter) Janet Lewis

Nancy Cameron Rutledge Prewitt

Wife of Anthony Prewitt

Daughter of Mary Ann Miller Rutledge

& John James Rutledge

Log cabin with old shelter in background.




Bandstand renovated in 2000.


City park shelter with kitchen and restroom facilities. Completed in 2010.


Playground next to shelter.

Outside water fountain near shelter.


Military memorial.

Memorial benches.

Playground, shelter, and log cabin.





Shelter ceiling with names engraved on boards.


The Birmingham City Hall building located on E. Cedar Street, across the street from where the old school once was. Currently sharing building with preschool.

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