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The editable files on this site are for education and entertainment. They may not be used for commercial projects. You may distribute these files and derivatives of these files as freeware only, no shareware. You may not charge money for any game made with these files, without the prior written consent of the author, Dennis Toney. To use these files, you must have Game Maker, which you may download for free at The Game Maker Pages.

Master of the Six Magics editable now available for download.

Master of the Six Magics (GM 5 editable)(167 kb)
Blank Tiles for M6M (3 kb)

I've updated the GMPoker file to work with Game Maker 5.

GMPoker (GM 5 editable)(63.9 kb)
GMPoker (GM 4.3 editable)(47.8 kb)

This demo was made to answer questions about sin( ), cos( ) and how to fire from a rotating ship. Use the arrow keys and space bar.

Circular-Motion/Firing Demo (22.8 kb)

This is a demo of the random maze program used in Arena, not the actual game.

Arena Maze Demo (3.1 kb)

A pair of original spaceship sprites you can use for your games. Rotating with 36 images in over-head and isometric views.

Ship sprites (75.3 kb)

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