Master of the Six Magics is a quick-paced tetris style game. You can learn in a minute and you'll want to play for days on end. My newest original game.

Download Master of th Six Magics (734 kb)


Arena is the two-player game where opponents battle within the confines of a random maze. With lots of options and multiple paths to victory, Arena is never the same game twice. This is a great rivalry game where two good friends can sit down and blast away at each other. This is my first original video game.

Download Arena 2.5 MB


Simple, compact video poker game with a generous payout table. Enjoy all the fun of video poker without draining your piggy bank. This game was made for the Game Maker competition in 2002. The file was updated to version 1.01, 4/20/03. It is now a zipped EXE rather than an install program.

Download Poker 633 kb

Game Maker editables and resources.

About Delta 9 Games

Delta 9 Games is the site where I, Dennis Toney, distribute my games to you for free. Why? Because, I enjoy making games, working with the graphics, refining the logic and seeing it all come to life through the magic of the computer. In the winter of 2001-2002, I stumbled upon a free program called Game Maker. This was a perfect outlet for my hobby. When I got to the point where I had a couple of games good enough to distribute, I needed a vehicle to do so. Thus, Delta 9 Games was born, in February of 2003. I will post on this site only good games that are free and that I think are worthy to distribute. I will add new games later, but not at a frantic pace, (I have a real job, that's why I call this a hobby) so be sure to check back. Maybe in a few weeks...

All the games on this site require a Pentium class computer, Windows95 or better and DirectX installed on the system. Please, contact me through my email link below if you have any problems with the games on this site.

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