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  Gas Money

Gas Money Cover
  1. Ain't Gonna Rain No More/Dinah
  2. Johnny Lover's Gone/John Lover's Gone
  3. Star Girl
  4. Crow Black Chicken
  5. Sullivan's Hollow
  6. Love Farewell
  7. The Dying Cowboy
  8. Wedding Dress
  9. Got No Honey Babe Now
10. Cold Drops of Rain
11. Down the Road
12. My Little Carpenter


Ain't Gonna Rain No More/Dinah (Roscoe Parish/Aunt Jenny Wilson). I first heard "Dinah" on a David Holt album, It Just Suits Me. I've always liked the song, but it always seemed to me to need another part. I found that other part in Roscoe Parish's "Ain't Gonna Rain No More," from Old Time Tunes from Coal Creek on Heritage. Key of F.


Johnny Lover's Gone/John Lover's Gone (Taylor Kimble and others/ traditional, words from Johnny Whelan). "Johnny Lover's Gone" is from Sandy's Fancy by Alan Jabbour. I first learned it as "Shoes and Stockings," due to a typographical error on the original Flying Fish album. These words to the fiddle tune "John Lover's Gone," were written by Johnny Whelan. Key of F.


Star Girl ("Uncle" Will Ellison). This song is from Bobby McMillon, from his tape, A Deeper Feeling. It's of the "Adieu False Heart" genre, composed of floating verses, but I really like this set of words, in this order. Key of F.


Crow Black Chicken (Leake County Revelers, from Mississippi). This is my current favorite chicken song. Key of F.


Sullivan's Hollow (Freeny's Bam Dance Band, from Mississippi). This was one of those tunes that I always liked when I heard it, but never could figure it out, in a jam session. I finally sat down and worked it up. I like it even better, now that I know how it goes. Key of F.


Love Farewell (traditional) I got this song from Jody Stecher and Kate Brislin on their A Song That Will Linger album. Jody states that he reconstructed the song from a fragment on a tape that John Cohen had lent him. I unharmonized the end of the verses. Key of C.


The Dying Cowboy (Holly Tannen, Fife). This version's main melody and words are from Holly Tannen, from her album Between the Worlds. It was called "Bury Me Not On the Lone Prairie," from the singing of Carlo Calabi. I filled out the story with verses from Austin E. and Alta S. Fife's Cowboy and Western Songs, where it is called "The Dying Cowboy." Key of Dm.


Wedding Dress (from the singing of Jaqui McShee). While I was the folk DJ at KROS, hosting the "Sunday Parlor," I was given an Oasis compilation CD by another DJ. I was so struck by the singing, and the song, that I ordered Debra Cowan's CD, A Dram for the Singer. Recently, I found a video on the Internet of Jaqui McShee singing this song, with a banjo as part of the backup. Key of F.


I've Got No Honey Babe Now (Frank Blevins and His Tar Heel Ratttlers). I was just blown away by Rayna Gellert's Ways of the World CD. The original recording of this tune that I have is on It'll Never Happen Again on Marimac No. 9110. Marimac, ah, the good old days!. Key of C.


Cold Drops of Rain (from the singing of Buenavista "Buny" Hicks). I first heard this song on Jeff Wamer and Jeff Davis album, Days of '49. The original recording was from the Warner Collection, recorded in 1938.


Down the Road (Doc Watson, Sara Grey). One of my most cherished albums is The Doc Watson Family on Folkways. I was reminded that I've always liked this song, when I heard it on Sara Grey's, Back In The Airly Days. For this song, I put the "Doc" verses back into it, so it's the best of both versions, in my opinion. Key of F.


My Little Carpenter (from the singing of Jim Howard, of Harlan KY). I've got an original copy of the song on Kentucky Mountain Music, that box set of seven CDs, on Yazoo. Just a classic. Key of F.

Air Play: The Folk Tree, KUNI, Iowa Public Radio, Karen Impola: 08/16/2009, 10/11/2009, 11/15/2009, 11/22/2009.
              Yew Piney Mountain radio show, KRUI, Iowa City, Norbert Sarsfield: 08/06/2009.
              Simply Folk, Wisconsin Public Radio, Tom Martin-Erickson: 10/25/2009.

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