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Treble Clef Pat Walke Music Lessons

Beginning Piano, Guitar, Mountain Dulcimer, Clawhammer Banjo, Autoharp, Fiddle

Pat Walke is a life-long student of folk music. She taught herself guitar and harmonica while still in high school, then went on to learn autoharp, clawhammer banjo, fiddle and other instruments, since then. She began performing in high school and has done so ever since. Although Pat has always been able to pick up a song or a tune by ear, she knew that a formal education in music would help her to be a better musician (If you want to learn something, teach it.), and to help her teach others more effectively, who would like to learn to play and sing music.

Pat went back to college and is graduate of St. Ambrose Univeristy in Davenport, Iowa, with a BA degree in Music. She has a valid license to teach K-12 music in the State of Iowa. After graduating from college, she taught K-6 general music at Sacred Heart in Maquoketa for eighteen years. That was a valuable experience in learning to work with students with many skill levels as well as different family and community backgrounds in the appreciation of music.

As an undergraduate in college, Pat was able to easily use her practical knowledge of music theory to pass the music theory, ear-training and sightsinging courses, but, by taking piano proficiency, string class, conducting and other music skills classes, Pat became a music educator. Her years of teaching, and taking more courses in music, have honed her ability to make the material accessible to all beginners, and to find ways to make their study of music interesting and fun.

Pat teaches lessons of a half hour in length. Whatever the instrument, Pat will use standard notation for that instrument, and the correct music terminology so that the student will be able to use those basic skills and knowledge to advance as far as she or he chooses in music.

Rest assured that wherever you are in your musical knowledge and skills, that Pat will help you progress at your own speed and in areas that interest you. In folk musician circles, there has always been a great deal of respect for each individual's style and expression. Although Pat went to college for music education, she has always held on to the philosophy of preserving and promoting each student's individuality and innate talents.

If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing. - Anonymous

If you can wiggle your fingers while not looking at them, you can play a musical instrument! - Pat Walke

Pat Walke
410 N Main St.
Maquoketa IA 52060

(563) 593-0252 cell