Welcome to Dirks page 

My name is Dirk Deaton.  I'm 10 years old.  A few hobbies of mine:  Well I love to deer hunt at my house last year 2004 I took a button buck and a four point.  It was very exciting for me.  My Dad, my uncle, and a friend of my dad all go deer hunting at my house once a year during deer season.  I would like to take a moment to remember  Frank Severs who died of cancer  he also used to go deer hunting with all of us. Well let me tell you my favorite series, Movie, Actor, Book.


King of The Hill


The Terminal


John Ritter 


 A Series of Unfortunate Events 


I go to Noel School my classroom is a room my class has there own website that will tell what we are doing and also has other interesting things the link to our website is

http://teachers.emints.org/FY04/letta/  If you have a comment or suggestion please E-mail me at dirkdeaton@hotmail.com 

Check out my deer       Check out my four point    


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