Some time after my wife died of cancer, I started seeing more and more info about cancer causes and alternative cures on the internet. I was convinced by the evidence I found.

I found the diet drug Phen Phen was the cause of her cancer. The time line and the growth of the cancer was when she started taking Phen Phen.

Because big pharma and the government have a revolving door policy and practice, the government was able to limit the liability of the pharma company that produced Phen Phen. Even so, the drug company was held liable for 17 billion dollars in settlements.

Many people have heard of Phen Phen and that it was pulled from the store shelves. Some people have even heard that Phen Phen caused heart problems.

What hardly anyone knows is Phen Phen was found to cause the destruction of the outer cell layer of lung blood cells. When these damaged cells multiply, as they normally would, that is cancer.

But the government, acting to protect big pharma, stopped it's research short of finding Phen Phen causing lung cancer.

Cancer is one of the most dreadful diseases. I would not wish it on my worst enemy. It is specifically terrible for the loved one, and for those that have to watch their loved one waste away.

Damn to hell the powers that be, to be killing people in the name of profits.

The biggest cause of cancer is the lack of vitamin B17 in our food (video). Modern processing of foods has eliminated B17 in our foods.

Almost every commercially available processed food today is bad for us in one way or another. It is by design.

If you do not believe it, look up the history and effects of Aspartame (video).

You are told Melanoma cancer is caused by to much sun. Look up the effects of black people and their races history of Melanoma cancer. It increases when they come to the United States.

Cancer is caused by what is lacking in our diet and by other ingredients we are given to ingest.

Most people think they just get sick and take the best available medicine for a cure.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Most people can not comprehend the current medical system. Imagine the most ugly, cruel and controlling business model you can think of, that is modern medicine. It is second only to the human misery, wars and debt caused by the international bankers manipulation of financial systems.

Imagine a business model that causes diseases, sells worthless cures for the diseases, and you die broke and without recourse to the ones that gave you the disease. That is modern big pharma medicine.

It is actually by design the stealing of the wealth people have before they are killed. It also builds more government debt the international bankers derive interest from.

Just in case you do know it. The international bankers own our federal reserve. Yes, it is a private corporation not owned or controlled by the people of the United States.

All the while the average doctor and nurse are ignorant of these facts. They have been as duped as you. medical schools have been compromised over the years to dupe doctors and get them to push big pharma medicines.

Researchers have proven big pharma companies have purposely added ingredients like mercury to vaccines, which cause autism in children, on purpose so they may continue to make money on these patients.

Special needs and disabled people also need to go on government programs which also feeds into the international bankers control of debt systems.

And you thought the governments big deficits were by accident or a normal growth of government.

They get you coming and going.

Mercury destroys nerve cells in the brain. Fluoride is in our drinking water. Fluoride is a by-product of Aluminum manufacturing. Fluoride retards brain function. Hitler gave Fluoride to internment camp people to make them docile.

Are you getting the picture? We are systematically being dumbed down and controlled.

Have you heard of chemtrails? The jet planes high overhead that used to leave short white vapor trails behind them. Look up, those jets now have long white trails that linger all day and spread out over the sky. They have been found to be high in Aluminum and barium.

Still think you are not being controlled?

Imagine people so controlling and cruel they do not give you a cure for your sickness because they have such tremendous profits for their non working cures. Imagine these cruel people knowing what will cure you, but they can not make money off it, so they get the government to ban it. You are forced to buy their worthless cures and treatments.

Now image these cruel people giving you diseases so they can make profits on their worthless cures.

If you think about this, you soon realize mankind is being used as a product for profit. Profits that can be used for even more control systems on the very same people.

The bible says everything you need to cure yourself is in nature. The seeds of apricots contain B17. Along with other things like some grasses.

Farmers will tell you their cattle will develop sores in the winter, but go away when the cattle eat fresh grasses in the spring.

But the big pharma companies can not make any money on some thing provided by nature. So they invent something with a high price tag for you to ingest. They suppress the knowledge of nature and what will cure you.

Go into any food store with a pharmacy, like a super Wal-Mart. Look at all the different vitamins and supplements you can buy. Why is there no vitamin B17 for sale?

Because it is banned by the government. Ask yourself why?

I wish I would have had this information before my beloved wife (married over 23 years) died of cancer in 2004. The Oncologist gave her 12 months to live and she tried chemo, radiation and a very expensive specially formulated enzyme. Nothing helped.

In fact, chemo made it much worse. It made it spread.

My current opinion of chemo is it is nothing more than a form of blood letting. It is basically poison laced with sugar. Cancer cells consume sugar more than healthy cells. The hope is the sugar laced chemo will be drawn to the cancer cells and kill them at a faster rate than the poison kills healthy cells.

The data on chemo drugs has been falsified from the beginning and the true data says it does more harm than good.

The only alternatives my wife and I found on the internet at the time my wife was diagnosed with cancer was a non descriptive fruit and nut diet and vague info on Essaic tea.

We did not find any of the links I am providing below.

I must warn everyone of what I have found in my experiences in trying to help several friends and relatives with cancer. People are very ingrained and brain washed by the current established medical doctrine. In many cases they will not try anything other than what the medical doctors prescribe. Even though they may not like doctors or have been afraid of them in the past.

A person would think that a person dying of a disease would try anything. But it is not the case.

The old adage applies: You can lead a horse to water, but you can not make them drink.

Disclaimer: I do not make any claims for the information. I do not make money in any way or form from the information. I provide this information only as a public service.

If anything, it would be my desire that you help others, and if enough people are helped, possibly the current corrupt system and killing can be changed.

Warning: If you do help others, never claim that you or a product can cure any disease. Do not become known as a person healing people. If you do, the government will arrest you for practicing medicine without a licence and you will be prosecuted and jailed. It is how they protect the powers that be.

Good Luck,

John R. Deahl


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