The following are Sumerian tablet video listings with descriptions. Do not confuse the descriptions as a replacement for seeing the videos.

The 3 Tablets of Atrahasis


Atrahasis was one of the kings on Earth.

The 14 tablets of Enki, by Enki, tell a story that has overlooked many details. Enki wrote the tablets from his viewpoint while making himself and the Annunaki look the best he possibly could. The following tablets of Atrahasis give a truer picture of the day to day life of the created Adams and Eves. It shows the extent of the Annunakis cruelty and hostilities toward their own creation, which is in their own image. A sane person must ask, how badly do they treat their own people if they make slaves in their own image?

I do believe some of the treatment of mankind by the Annunaki is because the emotional Annunaki could not deal with the rule breaking and immorality of what they had done. Instead of acting calmly, I think the Earth commander Enlil, which was against the creation all along, did what he could to limit or destroy mankind. His punishments of plagues, starvation and death for making to much noise and not praying to the Annunaki enough is inexcusable. It would have been better if he had been a stronger leader and just killed mankind or let them live in peace.

There also seems to be a difference somehow in the time perception. The Annunaki lived much longer. It almost appeared at times they were in slow motion concerning some things. It seems the newly created humans numbers got away from them and they did not act fast enough to stem this. But on the other hand there is a bibilical passage for the humans to go forth and multiply.

These types of inconsistancies are frequent in the tablets.

At any rate, Enki left out a lot of information about the real treatment of mankind in his version.

Enki's own original arguments for creating mankind were themselves untruthful and flawed. In his own writing he states he wanted to build helpers, not slaves. But then placed the 7 Adams and 7 Eves in cages. No matter what he says, he created mankind to see if he could do it. He did not mind the attempts that failed which left deformed people suffering. But that is what comes from believing in evolution and not the creator.

There is a puzzling under story to the Enki writings. The earthlings were created to mine gold, but I never read where they actually worked in the mines.

John R. Deahl


The First Tablet of Atrahasis

sumerian_1_atrahasis_tablet_1 - In the first tablet video in this series the Annunaki have lesser gods called Igigi. These are Annunaki. Often called Heroes although it is not apparent what they did to deserve the name. The Annunaki have the Igigi doing all the work of mining the gold and eventually the Igigi rebel.

sumerian_2_atrahasis_tablet_1 - In the below tablet video, the Annunaki had come to earth for gold. The Annunaki had the Igigi mining the gold. The Igigi are referred to as lesser gods. The Igigi rebelled because of such a heavy workload. The Annunaki (Enki) then created humans as a slave to mine the gold. After 600 years mankind was too noisy so the Annunaki released a disease to reduce the population. Please note in those days, according to the accounts, man lived about 900 years so the population numbers would grow much faster than today. Also, the population control seems to refer to being every 600 years this would happen! The references to population control refers to reductions in population.

sumerian_3_atrahasis_tablet_1 - In this tablet video the disease has been lifted, but again under 600 years later mankind’s noise again became to loud and the Annunaki took away the food. Next time even less time went by and again mankind was too loud. This time the Annunaki took away the Air and Sea to reduce the population.

The Second Tablet of Atrahasis

sumerian_4_atrahasis_tablet_2 - The below tablet video the disease is once again let loose. Later still the food was once again withheld until there was cannibalism and only two households of mankind were left.

sumerian_5_atrahasis_tablet_2 - This tablet video has the gods discussing a flood to destroy all mankind. One god betrays the head god and tells a man to build a boat and fill it with his family and animals.

The Third Tablet of Atrahasis

sumerian_6_atrahasis_tablet_3 - In this tablet video it appears the majority of gods are very sorrowful of the manner of destruction of mankind, the flood. It is very likely the only reason they were sorrowful for what they believed was the total killing off of all of mankind was because their offspring were among those killed. The one god’s betrayal, Enki, is found out when the boat is discovered.

End of the 3 Tablets of Atrahasis