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Easter 2003
HomeDepot Aprons May 2004
Easter 2004
August 2004_Adventureland_HotAirBalloons
RC Car.BlakeShaylee.TonyStewart
Blake and Freesbie 01.jpg
Blake and Freesbie 02.jpg
Blake and Kevin Harvick Car 01.jpg
Blake and Kevin Harvick Car 02.jpg
Blake and Shaylee 01 Exersaucer.jpg
Blake and Shaylee 02 Exersaucer.jpg
Blake and Shaylee 03 Exersaucer.jpg
Blake and Shaylee 04 Laying on Floor.jpg
Blake and Snickers 01.jpg
Blake in kitchen.jpg
Blake on Spiderman Scooter 01.jpg
Blake on Spiderman Scooter 02.jpg
Blake on Spiderman Scooter 03.jpg
Blake Playing on Computer 01.jpg
RC Car 01 Front.jpg
RC Car 02 Front.jpg
RC Car 03 Side.jpg
RC Car 04 Rear.jpg
RC Car 05 Side.jpg
RC Car 06 Blake Holding.jpg
RC Car 07 Blake Holding.jpg
RC Car 08 Blake Holding.jpg
RC Car 09 Blake Holding.jpg
RC Car 10 Blake and Shaylee.jpg
RC Car 11 Blake and Shaylee.jpg
RC Car 12 Tilt.jpg
RC Car 13 Tilt.jpg
RC Car 14 Tilt.jpg
Renn Festival 01.jpg
Renn Festival 02.jpg
Renn Festival 03.jpg
Renn Festival 04.jpg
Renn Festival 05.jpg
Renn Festival 06 Blakes Face Paint.jpg
Shaylee 01 Swing.jpg
Shaylee 02 Swing.jpg
Shaylee 03 Swing.jpg
Shaylee 04 Swing.jpg
Shaylee 05 Swing.jpg
Shaylee 06 Swing.jpg
Shaylee 07 Bouncy.jpg
Shaylee 08 Bouncy.jpg
Shaylee 09 Bouncy.jpg
Shaylee 10 Bouncy.jpg
Shaylee 11 Bouncy.jpg
Shaylee 12 Daddy Holding.jpg
Shaylee 13 Daddy Holding.jpg
Shaylee 14 Car Seat.jpg
Shaylee 16 Car Seat.jpg
Shaylee 17 Car Seat.jpg
Shaylee 18 Car Seat.jpg
Shaylee 19 Car Seat.jpg
Shaylee 20 Car Seat.jpg
Shaylee 21 Yellow Hat.jpg
Shaylee 22 Yellow Hat.jpg
Shaylee 23 Yellow Hat.jpg
Shaylee 24 Yellow Hat.jpg
Shaylee 25 Yellow Hat.jpg
Shaylee and Mommy 01.jpg
Shaylee and Mommy 02.jpg
Shaylee and Mommy 03.jpg
Shaylee and Mommy 04.jpg
Shaylee and Mommy 05.jpg
Shaylee and Mommy 06.jpg
Shaylee and Mommy and Blake 01.jpg
Tony Stewart 01.jpg
Tony Stewart 02.jpg
Tony Stewart 03.jpg
Tony Stewart 04.jpg
Tony Stewart 05 with Blake.jpg
Vacation August 2004

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