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D-Day (the delivery)

On January 20th, 2000, after 8 months of frustration I finally got my new C5! 

Shirley and I picked it up at the museum, and as you can see we were all grins.

Karl Johanson at Chuck Hutton Chevrolet became my new hero after he rescued our dream from the incompetence of the first dealer.



This picture shows me holding the front license plate cover

that had to come off of my car before we could leave. The factory put the 2001 Speedway White cover on by mistake and

wouldn't let the car go until it was changed. You also see Adam Boca from the museum staff. He handled our delivery

and was terrific! What a joy to own America's sportscar! I had an 85, but it's nothing like this. I've listed the options and mods below.


Y2K Coupe Sequence #16406

Arctic White/Torch Red, MN6, Z51, AAB, AG2, B34,B84 ,CJ2, C2L, D42, FE9, JL4, N37, QF5, R8C, T82, T96, QV6, U1S, V49, Museum Delivery.


Appearance Mods

BPP Backplate cover, console emblem,Steering wheel decal, Momo Combat red shift knob, GM Bra, Colgan Mirror Bra's, Sylvania Cool Blues 9005 & 9006, 885 fog lights, Torch Red brake calipers. Auto Buffs engine dress-up pieces, A&A frame savers.


 Performance Mods

Corsa Touring Exhaust, C/R Motorsports X-pipe

B & M Ripper Shifter, BPP Vortex Ram Air, BPP Throttle body bypass, TTS Powerloader, 172 degree Tstat, MAF Translator, Autotap, TTS headers, WCC high flow power coupler,GMS MAF, BBK LS1 80mm Throttle Body


Here you get a good look at the White/Red combination. The car on the right is my 85 that I sold to my friend Dick.

I had to have a C5, and I had to have White/Red. Not everyone's first choice I'm sure, but JUST what I wanted,

and does it look GREAT!! Now I just have to pay for it!

Below is a poster Kevin Buickerood made of my car. The cost is $75.00

His email address is if interested.



Click for the National Corvette Museum