The MMP world of Consequences


Text Box: We firmly believe that when we strictly enforce consequences for actions, we invest real value in the players’ accomplishments. When Character Counts, really Counts for something, then players will take real pride and derive real enjoyment from their actions.Credence is a world of honor, chivalry and character. It is played over a period of days, weeks or months. Everybody exists in the same world, interacting in constructive ways.

In contrast to other multi-player worlds that consist of hack-and-slash combat, thievery and rank cheating, Credence is based on the honor system. Nothing prevents a player from taking another player’s goods or attacking their character – nothing but honor.

And honor in Credence is very powerful. It is the basis for all character growth. As players practice how to use tools and weapons they gain skill. This skill is modified by honor to calculate the final result of their efforts. Players with much honor can do anything. Players with little honor can do almost nothing.

Credence is an opportunity for players to practice the habits of character – honesty, trustworthiness and helpfulness. Those that succeed and never, ever give in to temptation can create characters of inspiring ability over a period of months. Give in to temptation and the consequences are quick and permanent. No saving and restarting in real life and not in Credence either! Short-term self-restraint leads to long-term success, creating a feeling of real accomplishment.

And in the mean time players spend time in a rich world of medieval adventure. Natural hazards, dangerous creatures and inter-house rivalry provide conflict and challenges to keep players engaged. Opportunities abound to rise in skill, rank and station. Successes are publicly displayed and announced by town criers. Inspiring examples of leadership occur every day and are recorded in pictures, statues and written sagas prominently displayed in great halls.

Each player has personal space they can customize. This creates a sense of ownership and investment in the world, further encouraging players to behave honorably or risk losing what they have built. And since the great majority of players learn honor, there is small risk of having creations vandalized or stolen.

Online players can spend thousands of hours in front a computer. What might happen if they spent this time practicing kindness, loyalty and bravery? Who might they become?

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Credence: an MMP world of Consequences

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