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Coming soon!

Red Hat Bears wearin purple!!! 

The ALAmode is starting to look "refreshingly rustic"
Reports have been confirmed of more "moose" sightings in the store!

This former First Baptist Church  is still a gathering place for Boyd's Bears, Hares and Friends,

  Rita's candles are still nestled among the many antiques. And you'll still find lots of idea's here to make your home more special than it already is!

    Enter a world of fascination as you discover the "bear basement". Lila's got a wonderful collection of other neat stuff...and it's not all Boyd's. There's candle holders, Manual Woodworkers & Weavers throws, stationery, and flowers.
 "Let's take shopping to a whole new level!"
Lila Opitz

Spring Open House

March 26th, 27th and 28th


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candle.gif (3436 bytes)Rita's Candles 

Photo Gallery of Candles

The candles you will see, smell and experience when you enter Country ALAmode are handmade locally by one of the finest candle makers we have ever met. Let one of her special candles soothe you into tranquility. 

Rita has introduced scented rose hips as a great idea to put in antique pans, bowls or your favorite centerpiece and then add one of her candles.

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Join us for Boyds "Celebration of Friendship". Our friendship bobble bears are linked paw in them.....loosen the stitches....and give one to a friend!  Purchase $20.00 of Boyds Stuff and get the "Celebration of Friendship" set for only $10.00

Call 319-634-3822

web page:


Lila is open Tues-Sat 9-4:30 301 Main St. 319-634-3822        
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