Our church, a representative of the body of Christ, will continue to serve in His ministry by spreading the gospel and planting the seed of the Holy Spirit in our community and beyond until all people know of their eternal inheritance through Jesus Christ.

* To educate our whole church body in the Holy Scriptures, providing a spiritual and educational foundation that will enable us to help each other and reach out to others in need.

* To recognize and nurture the gifts of the whole church body, making us multi- funtional and able to witness for God and minister to all in every capacity.

* To educate the whole church body on evangelism, sparking a passion that will stimulate church growth and revive our spirituality both here and abroad.

We the church, led by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, see our mission in ministry as an extension of the on going creation of our Lord, and the continuing ministry of our blessed Savior, Jesus Christ.