A portrait photograph of my family. Dan Dooley has been an accountant for the past 21 years, working in various industries. Dan is currently enrolled at Kaplan University in the Information Technology program. This is Dan's first term and he will be looking to graduate with an Associate's Degree in three terms thanks to credits earned and classes tested out of.

After graduation Dan plans on using his degree and pursuing employment in the Information Technology field focusing on network administration. At the same time he will pursue his Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology. Future goals include opening a business venture in computer repair and network installation and administration, using the skills learned from his education and employment.

Dan has been a youth soccer coach for 23 years, coaching both his daughter and son until their High School soccer careers started. Both of his children are attending college, with his daughter attending DMACC and his son attending Kaplan University. Other interests include building and repairing computers and wireless networks for friends and family. Dan is also an avid motorcyclist. Football is also a passion and enjoys watching the Iowa Hawkeyes and Dallas Cowboys.