250,000 big ones

Frog Rules

Lauding the Impressive Achievement:

All hail Frog! Frog will conquer all! Long live Frog!
Congratulations on this fine accomplishment. What a marvel of American technical enginerring and expertise! I think now you need to keep track of how many miles the bondo has on it!
Congratulations! Long live Frog!!
The Red Frog has my complete adoration.
I've just read that the Red Frog is still running and passed the 250.000 miles - are you sure you didn't count meters or how many times the wheels made one turn? And did the corrosion not already turn the car into a convertible - this would be a very interesting kind for what we call in german "Metamorphose". I wish you a pleasant driving with the Red Frog for the next 250.000 miles! By the way - brakes can be replaced with a parachute in case of a breakdown. I think that would save you another time 30$
Good to hear that the frog is still running......( I visited your home page). Nice fotos. I only had the honor to ride it a couple of times when I visited you and Annika some years ago, but it sure left an impression.
But, when I first met the beast I didn't think much of it, it was majestic, beautifully lined, and with curves of steel. Even though it had a hole in the floor of the passengers side, the frog was the one and only (rib-it) hopper on the road, and boy how it floated from Ames to Kolona to Iowa City, will still remain a mystery to all. All automobiles the world over will hail the frog for it is truly one of the most remarkable pieces of work to ever grace the American highways. Long live the toad. Lets see if it will come out of retirement like all the great ones do. 500,000 is just around the corner. Also, if the frog needs a manager just call me.
Rocket Ron
Hail to the all mighty powerful Frog! Not even the chain link fence in the workman's area around Gilman Hall could withstand it's powerful engine and mighty traction. To the Frog - Rammer of the fence and being able to fit right in among the other workers' cars and go unnoticed by the evil parking maids of Iowa State. If we could of gotten the Frog on top of Gilman Hall we could have driven off the edge like Thelma and Louise. The Frog would have kept going, unlike Chumbley's stereo that was thrown from the roof like some cheap piece of trash.

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Last Updated October 22 1996