Parts Replaced on The Frog

During the school year from 1993 to 1994 (around the 220,000 mile mark) my big brother Willie (a metallurgist for General Electric) had the priviledge of keeping Frog. He maintained Frog well enough to give it a somewhat full head of steam in its quest for the 250,000 mile mark.

Some of the parts my brother installed:

  • New starter (222,000 miles)
  • New radiator hoses (223,000 miles)
  • New belts (223,000 miles)
  • Fixed electrical shorts (the shorts caused four new halogen headlights to be blown out. (223,000 miles)
  • New battery (225,775 miles)
  • Used regulator (225,775 miles)
  • Used alternator (installed when it was -25 °F, 225,775 miles)
  • Added a Tygon tube to the diaphragm which controls whether air is routed to the windshield, vents or floor. To get air to the windshield for the defroster one must now simply blow in this tube. Later, I added a clamp to the tube so that the pressure was maintained. Now the defroster/heater stays on all winter without blowing into the tube every 10 minutes or so. (225,000 miles)
  • New tires (226,000 miles)
  • Used gas tank with maroon gas cap (230,000)
  • Various other items replaced throughout the years:

  • New resistor bank for blower speed controller (pre 200,000 miles)
  • Removed dead mouse from blower (pre 200,000 miles)
  • Removed 8-track player (pre 200,000 miles)
  • Installed FM radio from junkyard (pre 200,000 miles)
  • New spark plugs and distributor cap (185,000 miles)
  • New tailpipe (210,000 miles)
  • New glass packs (210,000 miles)
  • New brake hose (220,000 miles)
  • Replaced the alternator my brother installed with help from Dr. L. Scott Chumbley and Kevin Dennis of Ames Lab. (235,000 miles)
  • Alternator belt (235,000 miles)
  • Used window regulator for driver's side door (243,000 miles)
  • Valve cover gasket and oil cap (245,000 miles)
  • Fuel line rusted through near gas tank. Gas was drip, drip, dripping onto the pavement. Replaced with hose ($45, 251,300 miles).

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