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City Hall: 411 Lombard St. 563-452-3625

Clarence Police Department
PO Box 418
Clarence, Iowa 52216


Cedar County Law Enforcement Center 563-886-2121

Police Chief: Brian Meyer

"Our sworn duty is to protect and serve the citizens of this community.  We aim to do this in a professional and courteous manner.  Fair and consistent service and treatment to all are a must.  Our goal is for our citizens, families, children and businesses to feel a sense of security and safety in the community where we all live and work."


Clarence Volunteer Fire Department

411 Lombard St.
PO Box 422
Clarence, Iowa 52216


Fire Chief: Randy Burken

  • First Assistant: Dan Sander
  • Second Assistant: Kevin Wenndt
  • Treasurer: Phil Smith
  • Secretary: Kasey Sander
  • Training Officers: Kasey Sander, Jeric Armstrong
  • Truck Foreman: David Doscher

The Clarence Volunteer Fire Department has up to 25 active members who carry pagers. They have 5 trucks; 2 pumpers, a tanker, an equipment truck and a grass unit. Meetings are held on the 1st Monday of each month at the municipal building. The current ISO rating is 7. Our courageous volunteers include:

Current volunteers and years of service are:

  1. Rob Debner 36
  2. Rick Armstrong 28
  3. Jeff Meier 28
  4. Randy Burken 26
  5. Kevin Wenndt 26
  6. Jim Droll 16
  7. Toby Thurston 16
  8. Dan Sander 16
  9. Kasey Sander 15
  10. Jeric Armstrong 12
  11. Phil Smith 12
  12. Timm Wynkoop 12
  13. Ross Osterkamp 9
  14. Randy Butterbrodt 6
  15. A.J. Miller 6
  16. David Doscher 3
  17. Mallet Meyer 1
  18. Ben Chapman 1
  19. Brian Meyer 1
  20. Tevor Kanakares 1
  21. Willis Holland new member
  22. Gary Hadden new member

Iowa Firefighters Memorial


NFPA Kids page

Clarence Community Amublance Service

1202 Lombard St.
Clarence, Iowa 52216


Office  563-452-4440

  • Coordinator: Annette Maschmann EMT-B
  • Assistant Coordinator: Bob Rouse EMT-I

The Clarence Community Ambulance Service is the primary provider for medical and trauma services for the Cities of Clarence, Lowden, Stanwood and the surrounding rural areas.  The department is funded soley by the revenue generated by these calls. The department is staffed by 1 full time EMT-I and 11 volunteers made up of EMT-I's and EMT-B's and Drivers. The department was created in 1976 to provide the citzens in the area a reliable and quality service for emergency pre-hospital care.  The service then used a second-hand hearse for transporting patients.  Today we use state-of-the-art equipment and vehicles. The ambulance has had between140-193 responses a year in the past five years. Current crew members include:

Emergency Medical Technicians:

  1. Greg Thompson EMT-B
  2. Tina Wallace EMT-B, Training Officer
  3. Mary Wynkoop EMT-I RN
  4. Annette Maschmann, EMT-B
  5. Robert Rouse, EMT-I


  1. Ronald Robinson
  2. Bob Knight
  3. David Doscher
  4. Russell Brand
  5. Nick Frommelt
  6. Marcia Syring, Driver, Secretary/Treasurer for EMT group

Board of Directors:  

  • President: Vern Schroeder
  • City Rep: Wanda Anderson, Don Hunwardsen
  • Rural Rep North of 30: Mark Horman
  • EMT Rep: Bob Rouse, Annette Maschmann, Greg Thomspn

  • Future EMT keeping it clean.