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City Hall: 411 Lombard St. 563-452-3625


Mural Updated with fresh paint

Mural painted on the West side of the original City Hall Building


The early settlers found quantities of wild onions growing along the banks of Mill Creek located northeast of Clarence and the city was originally platted under the name of Onion Grove. In 1959 when the Chicago, Iowa & Nebraska Railroad completed their track the few buildings in the Onion Grove Community were moved to the present city site. In 1862, L. B. Gere, a merchant, made the suggestion to change the name to Clarence, in honor of his native town of Clarence, New York.

In 1868 the Clarence Cemetery was established. The Clarence Volunteer Fire Company was started in 1918. A free public library was founded in 1940 and was housed in the town hall. As the library grew two jail cells were removed from the rear of the town hall to give more shelf room. In 1952 the library was moved to it's current location in the former home of Edna Zybell who donated it to the town.

A Centennial celebration was held in 1959 and a Quasquicentennial celebration in 1984. The City of Clarence turned 150 and held a Sesquicentennial celebration in the year 2009.