REGULAR MEETING, September 9, 2008.  The regular meeting of the Oxford Junction City Council was held at the Wregie Memorial Library at 7:00 p.m.  Council members present were Dobling, Bonny, Martin, Balichek and Schewe. Staff present was Hansen.  Wink entered at 7:13 p.m.  Visitors were Shirley Jones-Midland Times, Brad Brownell-Kluesner Construction, Greg Gunderson-MSA, Denny Coon-Fire Dept., Andy Bowers-Jones Country Sheriffs Dept., Sharyn Jensen, Xera Tubbs, Kathy Chase, and Ted Birdsall.

Moved by Balichek seconded by Bonny to approve agenda.  All Ayes.  Motion Carried.

Moved by Balichek seconded by Bonny to approve consent agenda..  All Ayes.  Motion Carried.

Moved by Bonny seconded by Balichek to approve September bill list.  All Ayes.  Motion Carried.




RECEIPTS: General $2,584.63; RUT $3,926.58; Water $4,964.64; Sewer $3,018.35; Surcharge $716.03; WWTF $6,810.00; Local Option $3,031.35


Brad from Kluesner Construction reported that they needed 125 hours to finish helping the City with street repairs on Broadway.  The original estimate did not included helping the City prepare the street for construction, however this would only cost $675 more than the estimate. 

Moved by Bonny seconded by Balichek to pay Kluesner Construction to finish the street preparation.  All Ayes.  Motion Carried.

Sharyn Jensen and Xera Tubbs expressed their concerns about 1st Ave S only being partially bladed.  Maint. Superintendent Wink will finish blading the edge of the street and put down gravel as soon as he has time.  A FEMA specialist will also be looking at the street to determine how much damage has been done by the flood before any major repair work is done.  Jensen and Tubbs were also assured that 1st Ave S would be on next fiscal year’s budget for street repairs.

Maint. Superintendent Wink reported that the sidewalk at Scot Rains’ was ready to be poured and they could move on to the next person on the list.

Denny Coon from the Fire Dept. reported that he received the final bid for the new warning system.  The system includes a radio system and will be wired to the fire station which will save $900.  The system is totally electric and will be backed up by the Fire Department’s generator.  Council members agreed that it should be put in this fall sometime.  The City will need 175 ft of wire to get from the fire station to McCreight Park.  Discussion was held about asking the Lost Nation-Elwood Telephone Company if they could burry the line.

Discussion was also held about the Fire Dept, Council, and Brenda Leonard from Jones County Emergency Management getting together to go over the City’s Disaster Plan.              

Maint. Superintendent Wink reported that he is working on Main St.  Wink also reported that he mows the walk trail every other week and that it is very time consuming to maintain.  The cost of maintaining the trail and the lack of a sufficient mower is too much for the City to handle.  The City will ask the Betterment Committee to a Council meeting to discuss the possibility of getting volunteers or someone else to maintain the walk trail.  Wink also asked the Council if he could get the brown dump truck repaired.  It was decided to sell the 3-point disc mower, slide-in sander, and wire welder and put this money towards fixing the brown dump truck.  Wink also needs to have two estimates before the repair work is done.  Wink will also purchase a new Amber Light for the orange dump truck for $155.00.

Mayor Tank went to the Jones County Board of Supervisors meeting and reported that they will be cleaning out the creek south of town.  This will hopefully help with flooding in Cooksville in the future.

Greg Gunderson from MSA reported that Connolly Construction will be seeding and fencing at the lagoons.  There will be a gate across the lagoon road like in the past.

Moved by Bonny seconded by Balichek to approve Change Order #8 from Connolly Construction.  Roll Call Vote.  All Ayes.  Motion Carried.

Moved by Bonny seconded by Balichek to approve Pay Application #10 from Connolly Construction for $171,589.49.  Roll Call Vote.  All Ayes.  Motion Carried.

Barb Dobling reported that the library installed new windows upstairs.  They were one short, but it should be arriving shortly.

Merle Tank reported the next meeting for the Junction for Opportunities formerly know as Horizons, will be Sunday Sept. 14, 2008.  Everyone is invited to attend.

A public hearing was held regarding the resolution for borrowing money for the lagoon road repair and the sewer pipe reconstruction.  The loan will be at 0% interest for 3 years to give the City time to collect money from FEMA to repay the loan.  After 3 years the interest rate will be 3%.

Moved by Dobling seconded by Balichek to approve the resolution for borrowing money for the lagoon road and sewer pipe reconstruction.  Roll Call Vote.  All Ayes.  Motion Carried.

Discussion was held on repairing Curt Usher’s 4-wheeler damaged during the flood.  Curt needs to get two estimates and the City will pay for the repairs needed.

Discussion was held on allocating funds to the Jones County JETS.  It was brought up that the JETS bus can not cross county lines, therefore not many residents use the service.  There are many volunteers from this area who give rides to the residents when needed. 

Moved by Schewe seconded by Balichek that we do not send any funds to JETS this fiscal year.   All Ayes.  Motion Carried.

Moved by Dobling seconded by Martin to approve renewing a Liquor License for Schakey’s Place.  Roll Call Vote.  All Ayes.  Schewe Abstained.  Motion Carried.

Mayor Tank informed the Council that Steve Barner wants to put a 53 foot trailer on his property to use as a storage shed. 

Moved by Dobling seconded by Bonny to decline the request from Steve Barner to put a trailer on his property.  All Ayes.  Motion Carried.

Kathy Chase expressed her concerns about how her neighbors are parking along 1st Ave S.  The City Clerk will send a letter to them along with a copy of the Ordinance on how parking is allowed on this street.  The letter will also explain how Kathy came to a Council Meeting to get approval for parking on this street.

Connolly Construction inspected the pumps at the lagoons after the flood to determine if there was any damage to be turned into FEMA.  The Council and Wink are concerned that we may need a more detailed letter stating exactly what parts were inspected and possibly need to be inspected further.  Wink will talk to Connolly Construction concerning this matter.

Moved by Bonny seconded by Balichek to adjourn the meeting at 8:42p.m.  All Ayes.  Motion Carried.





Merle Tank, Mayor                                                          


Attest: _______________________________

Stacia Hansen, City Clerk  


These minutes are not official minutes until approved by the City Council.