SPECIAL MEETING, October 26, 2010.  A special meeting of the Oxford Junction City Council was held at Wregie Memorial Library at 7:00 pm with Mayor Tank presiding.  Council present were Bonny, Chase, Ewing, and Balichek. Martin was absent.  Visitors were Gary Hughes-ECICOG and Marlene Flory-Midland Times entered at 7:40 pm.

     Moved by Bonny seconded by Balichek to approve the Agenda.  All Ayes.  Martin Absent.  Motion Carried.

     Mayor Tank opened a public hearing for citizen comments concerning: (a) the CDBG funding application for the well project; and (b) a “Community Housing Needs Assessment” to be included in the application at 7:05 pm.  Gary Hughes from ECICOG read the following findings:


Oxford Junction’s proposed application for Water Improvements through the Federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program, requires that the following topics be considered at this hearing:


A.     As concerned with how the need for proposed activities was identified, it is noted that need was primarily identified because the City presently relies on a single groundwater source for its water supply, causing the community to be in non-compliance with minimum standards imposed by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources for “Source Development”.


B.     As concerned with how proposed activities will be funded and the source of funds, project cost is estimated to total $698,870, with financial assistance in the form of a grant being requested from the CDBG Program and loan from the State of Iowa Revolving Loan Fund.


C.     As concerned with the date the application will be submitted, the CDBG Program funding application will be submitted to the Iowa Department of Economic Development for receipt by November 3, 2010.


D.     As concerned with the requested amount of federal funds, it is noted that $300,000 is being requested from the CDBG Program and $398,870 from the State of Iowa Revolving Loan Fund.  


E.     As concerned with benefit from federal funding, it is estimated that 64% of persons benefiting from the project will have low- to moderate-income.


F.      As concerned with where proposed activities will be conducted, it is noted that activities are to be conducted within the municipal limits of Oxford Junction, Iowa.  The address is 3395 Co. Rd. X-64.


G&H.   As concerned with plans to minimize the displacement of persons or businesses as a result of funded activities, and plans to assist persons actually displaced, it is noted that because no property acquisition is proposed, there will be no displacement of persons or businesses.


I.       As concerned with the nature of the proposed activities, it is noted that the project proposes to develop a new well to serve as a secondary groundwater source.


There were no written or oral comments or objections submitted and Mayor Tank closed the public hearing at 7:10 pm.

     Moved by Balichek seconded by Bonny to approve the Mayor to sign the CDBG funding application together with the “Disclosure Report” and “Minority Impact Statement” for submittal to the Iowa Dept of Economic Development.  Roll Call Vote.  All Ayes.  Martin Absent.  Motion Carried.

     Discussion was held on whether to purchase a 2005 Ford F-350 Flat Bed.  It is a diesel and has 102,258 miles on it.  If purchased the City would have to add a hydraulic hoist and make the flat bed into a box and either buy a new blade for it or use the one off of the brown truck.  Council discussed how much it would cost to fix the brown truck and try to make it though one more winter to give us time to look for other trucks. 

     Moved by Bonny seconded by Balichek to approve purchasing the truck from Mad City Sales in Wisconsin for approx. $19,000.  Ayes: Balichek, Bonny and Chase.  Nays: Ewing.  Absent: Martin.  Motion Carried.

     Moved by Bonny seconded by Balichek to adjourn the meeting at 7:50 pm.




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Merle Tank, Mayor                                                      Attest:  Stacia Hansen, City Clerk


These minutes are not official minutes until approved by the City Council.