SPECIAL MEETING, April 14, 2014.  A special meeting of the Oxford Junction City Council was held at the Wregie Memorial Library and at 7:00 pm.  Mayor Shirley called roll.  Council present were Bonny, Chase, Thomsen, Klemme and Krutzfeld.  Staff present was Hansen and Wiese.  There were no visitors.

     Moved by Thomsen seconded by Klemme to approve the agenda.  Roll Call Vote.  All Ayes.  Motion Carried.

     Discussion was held regarding hiring a new Maintenance Superintendent because Wink was let go.  If we hire someone without their water and wastewater certifications, they would have to work here for a year before they could even go take the tests.  Charlie is willing to go take the tests again and see if he can pass.  Charlie agreed to take over all the responsibilities until we find someone or maybe even be interested in the position.   

     Moved by Thomsen seconded by Bonny to wait a couple months before we post to hire for the Maintenance Supervisor position.  Roll Call Vote.  All Ayes.  Motion Carried.

     Moved by Bonny seconded by Thomsen to give Charlie Wiese a $1.25/hr raise at least temporarily while he is taking over the superintendent duties.  Roll Call Vote.  Ayes-Thomsen, Bonny, Chase, Krutzfeld.  Abstain-Klemme.  Motion Carried.

     Moved by Krutzfeld seconded by Thomsen to check with Chet Lief, Gabe Watters, and Janet Burke to see who would do our water and wastewater reports the cheapest and hire that person temporarily.  Roll Call Vote.  All Ayes.  Motion Carried.

     The mayor is going to an auction this weekend that has a mini track hoe on it.  He would like permission and a limit to buy this.  The council would like other cities to go in on this with us.  If the mayor goes to the mayors meeting this week he will ask if anyone is interested.  The council would like to stay around or under $12,000.

     We also had a small discussion and decided it would be a good idea to change all the locks on City buildings. 

     Moved by Bonny seconded by Krutzfeld to adjourn at 8 pm.




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Mike Shirley, Mayor                                                       Attest:  Stacia Hansen, City Clerk