Welcome to the "C I A"

This is our new, "unofficial" home page. Soon, this site will tell you all about our club. Until then, if you need official documents, news or contact information, visit the secretary's page.

Model airplanes are our thing. From gentle trainers to wild "3D" aerobatic monsters, from scale biplanes to foamie electrics, from sleek racers to some dopey contraption the owner built when he went crazy in his workshop last winter - whatever your interest, you'll probably find a kindred spirit among our members.

Visit our field on any particular day and you may find an electric sailplane slowly turning above the field with turkey vultures gliding alongside. Another day, you might find helicopters prancing across the sky or high-winged trainers doing lazy touch-and-go landings. You may find huge models of WWII bombers or modern aerobatic machines. On sunny Summer Saturdays, you might easily see all of the above. If it flies, we like it

Poke around our Web Site for a while. Then, when you get the chance, drop by our field or visit one of our club meetings and introduce yourself. We're always glad to meet fellow (or future) flyers.

We're just starting to build our website. Please come back in a few days and check out the progress.