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Sponsored by the
Church of Christ United Foundation

 354 2nd Street North, Winthrop, Iowa

Pastor Dean Schlitter

Regular Worship Services on Sunday @ 10:15 a.m.

Sunday School Services & Confirmation Classes @ 9 a.m.


Mission Statement
of the
Church of Christ United

 We, the people of the Church of Christ United of Winthrop, Iowa, continue the journey of faith set forth to us by our Lord and former congregations. We accept God’s call to Christ-likeness. Therefore, we commit ourselves to worship:

   proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ;

   sharing the sacraments and rituals of the church;

   creating a community of people who love God and neighbor;

   empowering ourselves, our children, and one another to be

   the church in a changing culture;

 to Christian education:

    teaching the way of Jesus;

    nurturing a life of prayer molded by scripture;

    preparing people for ethical living in a changing world;

to service:

    responding to the needs of the human conditions;

    working for peace and justice;

    living in harmony with the earth;

 to fellowship:

     loving one another;

     finding unity in our diversity;

     accepting all people.

We agree to differ.

We resolve to love.

We unite to serve.


Administrative Board

Worship Committee

2006 Tom Ford

Kay Norman

2006 Claudia Gillette

Linda Mayner

2007 Carol Stiefel

Missy Cook

2007 Myla Hansen, Chairperson

Anita Bowden

2008 Susan White

Cathy Schabacker

2008 Matt Cook

Nan Higgins, Rep. of Altar/Flower Comm.

Non-voting Members:

Pastor Dean Schlitter

Sandy & Gerald Dennie, Treasurer



Les & Jane Cook, Financial Secretary

Pastoral/Parish Relations

Pastor Dean Schlitter

Dr. Don Dutler, Chairperson


Jim Arnold

Women’s Fellowship

Dr. Don Bowden

Shirley Arnold, President

Myla Hansen- Chair., Administrative Board

Marilyn Peck, V. President

Carol Stiefel, V. Chair, Administrative Board

Marilyn Schweitzer, Secretary


Bonnie Cook, Treasurer

Financial Advisory Committee


Kay Norman

Board of Trustees

Aaron Cook

2006 Michael Ownby

Dr. Don Dutler

2006 Marv Hillman

Gerald Dennie, Advisor

2007 Jeremy Bowden



2007 Dale Griswold


2008 Terri Ford

Winnie Bateman

2008 Eric Thurn



Kay Norman, Treasurer

Social Concerns Committee


Claudia Gillette

Board of Education

Teresa Snyder

2006 Abbey Thurn



2007 Marilyn Steinkamp

Altar & Flower Committee

2008 Linda Cook

Nan Higgins

Jen DeGreif, SS Super.

Cloey Nickerson

Teresa Snyder, Asst. SS Super.

Shirley Arnold


Carol Stiefel




Marilyn Steinkamp

Communion Committee

Melvin Funk

Byron & Della Merrill

Dwayne Manning

Jim & Shirley Arnold

Jim Arnold




Our Location:
P.O. Box 157
354 2nd Street North
Winthrop, Iowa 50682
Telephone: 319/935-3353

Pastor Dean Schlitter
Home # 319/283-2558 or



If you are interested in receiving the official monthly publication of our newsletter,
The Sonshine Flyer Newsletter,
please contact JoAnn Funk at 319/935-3951


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