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"Between the dark and the daylight, When the night is beginning to lower, Comes a pause in the day's occupations, That is known as the Children's Hour."

--H. W. Longfellow

Summer Ideas:

  • Have you seen a crawdad (or is it crayfish?) up close lately? Have you taken your socks and shoes off and waded with your (grand)children through the creek to look at the little minnows and water spiders? Have you seen all the different colors of dragonflies there are? Take time to smell the roses.
  • What activity uses reading skills and math skills as well as large amounts of mom's (or grandma's) patience? Let your (grand)children pick out a recipe and learn how read and measure on their own (i.e. no shortcuts or box mixes). Be prepared for messes and lots of fun. If you are feeling really brave, go one step further and let them prepare and serve an entire meal.

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  • Family Topics
    for Farming Families

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    The Happiness Myth

    Happiness seems to be something most people pursue today. They want it for themselves, and do whatever they can to try to achieve it. They also do their very best to keep the people in their lives happy. It seems that many of us were brought up with the mistaken notion that this is our role in life--to be and keep others happy.
    It came as a profound shock one day when I discovered that my role in life was not to keep others happy, but to LOVE them. And that there was a big difference between the two.
    When I was concentrating on keeping the people in my life happy, I was not only trying to do the impossible, but I was also letting them harm themselves and others in the process of having everything they wanted their way. And ultimately, they still were not happy.
    Loving someone means risking the relationship for the sake of doing the right thing or the best thing. Loving someone means saying no when no is not what they want to hear. Loving someone means confronting misbehavior and exacting consequences. These things are difficult and can be painful. And they generally do not make the people in our lives happy.
    Love is a choice, an action, a commitment. I am choosing to love the people in my life, and to stop trying to keep them happy. And I am paying the price. But by God's grace, I hope that one day, they will learn to appreciate the difference.

    Linda A. Rex

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