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The Fact Is...

  • The prices of food and household goods are going up, but in ways that are not easy to see. Have you noticed at the supermarket that you are paying more for less?
  • More and more products are raising their prices. They do this by keeping the price the same (or lowering it slightly) and the package almost exactly the same, but putting quite a bit less inside the package. This gives the customer the impression that she is buying the same product she always has. Unless she is a careful shopper, she probably would not notice the difference.
  • I have experienced this myself in a variety of products, from chips to personal products to detergents. The tragedy for farmers is that they are receiving less money for what they produce and now are having to pay more for what they buy at the supermarket when they go shopping.


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    Fact of the Month:

    The weather has a mind of its own. Though forecasters do the best they can, the weather cannot yet be predicted to any precise level. Nor can we control the weather.
    We had more rain than we knew what to do with this spring and early summer. The standing water had turned the corn and beans yellow. Now the crops have finally turned green. But it is so dry, that the cracks in the ground are growing larger and larger. The smallest creeks have run dry and the little ponds have become puddles. Now a nice gentle rain would be a good thing.
    Farmers are dependent on the weather. It's a fact. It has to be just right for the particular stage of planting, growth, or harvesting their crops are in. But maybe this is how it is meant to be. Maybe it's a good thing to be reminded of our humanity and our need for divine Providence.

    Linda A. Rex

    What is this lovely lady's name?

    Mystery Bird

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