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You Do Realize...

  • That it is impossible to look nonchalant after falling over a three foot fence while staring at the new shingles on your roof.
  • That when you are about to finally doze off in your recliner, the dog will come unglued right outside your window (because that coon is snitching her food...again).
  • That when your kids finally talk you into taking them fishing after a long, tiring day, they are going to catch enough fish that you'll spend another hour when you get back filleting them.


    Got Mail? Farmer Style

    Found on a farmer's fence post: Got Mail?

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    Ever Had One of Those Days?

    Here it is, the hottest day of summer. Our contractors have chosen this week to replace the roof on the house (we're tired of flying shingles...). We've been waiting for over a month for it to quit raining long enough for them to get a roof on.
    When I was asked by my husband to use my expertise to select a color for our new shingles, I went to town and dutifully began to select a color. The store wasn't lit at all, so rather than guessing at the colors, I asked the clerk if I could take them outside in the sun to look at them.
    There are advantages to small town America. When I was having a hard time choosing between two colors, my helpful clerk pointed out the building across town that had one color I liked, and another building that had the other color on its roof. Well, how nice. Talk about product samples!
    Well, over a month passed, and our dear old contractor calls to ask me what color I had ordered for the shingles. Was it Sandlewood or Autumn Brown? After all that work! I told him I didn't know. He would have to call that helpful small town clerk who had written it all down for me.

    Linda A. Rex

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