Coming str8 out of tha Midwest-Check out these Raps by Flapjack

Skillz with Billz

This is Funkmaster Matt and this is my rhyme
I'm chillin' at the drive-up with way too much time
I am the rapper with the mad mad skillz
Bank teller has the power to give you the billz
Don't harass me
Sassafrass me
Unless you want to get you a$$ beat
Casey's comes in here starts tha playa hatin'
Me and Squared D are sittin' here waitin'
Then they start a fuss
Make me wanna cuss
Load up the paper work I'm ready to bust
They should know not to come to me or the Squared D Switch
I'm ready to reach out and just slap that bi&*$
But now I gotta go
Back here I'm runnin' the show
Just waitin' for a hot chick that isn't a ho
Just sittin' back here not lookin' like wimps
Straight VIP and we're PIMPS
Peace out!

Tha Great White Rapper Anthem

Yo, I'm back and better than ever
Kickin' it ice cold, I'm so damn clever
Hip hop really isn't my style
But every now and then I get funky for a while
Keepin' loose-Just sittin' back rhymin'
Too much time and sick of people whinin'
Givin' me crap
Thinkin' that's where it's at
But you better watch your back
When this white boy raps
Cause I'm bumpin'
Keeping the party pumpin'
When I'm on the mike
The bass will be thumpin'
Goin' and flowin'
Tryin' to prove I'm legit
When it comes to rap you know I just can't quit
I'll be movin'and groovin' till the day I die
Hip hop is king and now you know why!
Word up!

Serious Stuff (A Change From Normal On This Site I Know)

This poem is actually a published work by Matt Humphrey. One other website and I
are the only ones given permission to post this poem. So enjoy...

What I wouldn't give to hold her
And tell her how I feel
Words can't say how much I wish
That all my dreams were real

And what I'd give to gaze once more
Into deep and azure eyes
A soft laugh, a softer smile
Then make me realize

That as I long to hold her
And share my hearts desire
How I wish that what I feel
Would set her heart afire

Alas, she doesn't know
That I feel this way
Every night I dream
She'll feel the same someday

For love can oft be found
Where close friendship has grown
Love might be beside you
In someone you have known

And as I sit alone
Memories rush back to me
And serve as a reminder
Of a love not meant to be

Another Matt Humphrey original

Another Poem about Life and Love

all alone in a crowd
silent screams echo loud
deafening silence all around
emotions hiding underground
one small ember burning bright
eternal darkness cut by light
slowly flicker to a flame
just because i hear her name
the inferno fills an empty shell
a small relief from inner hell
a friendship that has grown so well
the destination time will tell
from my pain a brief release
only she has brought me peace
Executive Producer/Performer/Composer: Matt aka Flapjack
Manager: Squared D Switch
Copyrighted © 2001-2002 by: "Only Remaining Fans of Vanilla Ice Productions"
Shout Outs: My parole officier, Mom, Dorf, my homies in tha Midwest, Vanilla Ice for keeping it real, all the hot honeys out there, and Pure Playa Tellers all across the USA. Peace to the streets.