Stuff About Me

Nicknames: Pickle, Mr. Muscle
Zodiac sign: Aries
Crush: Britney Spears
Favorite place to pick up girls? Church
Dream Car: 1964 Impala
Food(s): Hamburgers, Twinkies-LOL Erin :)
Tv Show(s): The Mole
Movie(s): Tommy Boy
Band/Group: N.W.A.
Singer: Snoop Dogg
Color: Light Blue
Actor: Bob Dole
Actress: Kristin Dunst
Book: Lord of the Flies
Whatever you do don't read the next line.
Why are you reading this line when I told you not too? ;)
Holiday: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Number(s): 27
Phrase to overuse: Do you know where the weight room is?
Candy bar: Kit-Kat
Part of Newsaper: Comics-Dilbert is awesome
Restaurant: McDonald's-The Happiest Place on Earth
Channel: Mtv
Music Video: Hit me Baby One More Time-by Britney
Commercial: Those old Surge commercials
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Passionate Purple
Desired Future Job: Stripper