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Abrahamsen, David; Murder & Madness; 23
Abrams, Malcolm & Harriet Bernstein; More Future Stuff; 20

Ackroyd, Peter; Dickens; 16

Ackroyd, Peter; Hawksmoor; 11

Adams, Douglas; Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (audio); 21

Adams, Douglas; Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul, The (audio); 23

Adams, Douglas; Restaurant at the End of the Universe (audio); 22

Adler, Mortimer J.; Aristotle For Everybody; 21

Adler, Mortimer J.; Desires Right & Wrong; 21

Adler, Warren; Immaculate Deception; 16

Adler, Warren; Senator Love; 19

Adrian, Jack & Robert Adey, eds.; Murder Impossible; 16

Adrian, Jack, ed.; Detective Stories from the Strand Magazine; 23

Adrian, Jack, ed.; Strange Tales from the Strand Magazine; 23

Aellen, Richard; Flash Point; 17

Aesop; Animal Fables from Aesop; 20

Aiken, Joan & Jan Pienkowski; A Foot in the Grave; 23

Aldiss, Brian W.; Trillion Year Spree; 6

Aldridge, John W.; Talents and Technicians; 23

Aline; Spy Wore Red; 10

Allegro, John M.; Dead Sea Scrolls and the Christian Myth; 22

Allen, Steve; Dumbth; 18

Allen, Steve; Murder on the Glitter Box; 6

Altman, Rick; Easy Ventura Book; 19

Alvarez Jr., Everett w/Samuel Schreiner Jr.; Code of Conduct; 21

Aman, Reinhold, ed.; Best of Maledicta; 19

Amis, Kingsley; Crime of the Century; 13

Anderson, Dana, Charles de Lint, Ray Garton; Cafe Purgatorium; 18

Anderson, Kevin J.; Hunter's Moon (audio); 23

Anderson, Poul; Boat of a Million Years; 15

Anderson, Poul; Explorations; 20

Anderson, Poul; Shield of Time; 18

Anderson, Poul; Time Patrol; 20

Anderson, Robert, DVM & Barbara Wrede; Caring For Older Dogs & Cats; 20

Anthony, Piers & Robert E. Margroff; Orc's Opal; 21

Anthony, Susan C.; Facts Plus; 21

Appel, William; Whisper...He Might Hear You; 15

Applewhite, E.J.; Paradise Mislaid; 18

Archibald, Zofia; Discovering the World of the Ancient Greeks; 21

Ashburn, Richie; Richie Ashburn's Phillies Trivia; 19

Ashley, Ruth & Judi N. Fernandez; PC Tools Deluxe 6.0; 21

Asimov, Isaac; Asimov Laughs Again; 23

Asimov, Isaac; Asimov on Science Fiction; 9

Asimov, Isaac; Asimov's Galaxy; 9

Asimov, Isaac; Highlights of a Career; 18

Aslett, Don; Not For Packrats Only; 18

Atwood, Margaret; Stories From Wilderness Tips (audio); 21

Audio Oddities; Thirteen Doors; 17

Audio Oddities; Thirteen Doors #3 & #4; 22

Austin, John; Hollywood's Unsolved Mysteries (audio); 22

Autexier, Philippe A.; Beethoven: The Composer as Hero; 23

Babson, Marian; Murder at the Cat Show; 13

Babson, Marian; Murder on a Mystery Tour; 11

Babson, Marian; Tourists are for Trapping; 13

Bailey, Jo; Bagged; 21

Baird, Pat; Quick Harvest; 17

Baker, Nicholson; Mezzanine; 8

Baker, Nicholson; Room Temperature; 18

Baker, Nikki; In the Game; 20

Baker, Nikki; Lavender House Murder, The; 23

Bakule, Paula Dreifus, ed.; Rodale's Book of Practical Formulas; 20

Ball, Jeff; Jeff Ball's 60-Minute Vegetable Garden; 23

Bang, Molly; Picture This; 20

Barnard, Robert; Death and the Chaste Apprentice; 11

Barnard, Robert; Death of a Salesperson; 15

Barnes, John; Orbital Resonance; 21

Barnes, Linda; Steel Guitar; 21

Barnett, Robert A., ed.; American Health Food Book; 21

Barr, Joel; Chapters and Verse; 17

Barrow, John D.; Theories of Everything; 17

Barry, Dave; Dave Barry Slept Here; 12

Barry, Dave; Dave Barry Talks Back (audio); 21

Barth, Jack; Roadside Hollywood; 17

Barth, Richard; Furnished For Murder; 17

Bartusis, Mary Ann, M.D.; Off To A Good Start; 16

Bayer, William; Wallflower; 20

Beaumont, Charles; Howling Man, The; 23

Beck, K.K.; A Hopeless Case; 23

Becker, Suzy; All I Need To Know I Learned From My Cat; 15

Bell, Madison Smartt; Doctor Sleep; 23

Benchley, Robert; Good Old-Fashioned Christmas; 14

Benedikt, Michael, ed.; Cyberspace: First Steps; 21

Bennett, Mary Lou; Murder Once Done; 11

Benton, Mike; Horror Comics; 19

Benton, Mike; Science Fiction Comics; 23

Benton, Mike; Superhero Comics of the Silver Age; 21

Berger, Thomas; Featured Author; 10

Berger, Thomas; Regiment of Women; 17

Bernstein, Albert J. & Sydney Craft Rozen; Neanderthals At Work (audio); 23

Berry, Carole; Good Night Sweet Prince; 18

Bissette & O'Connor, eds.; Taboo 3; 21

Bissette, Stephen R., ed.; Taboo 4; 21

Bissette, Stephen R., ed.; Taboo 5; 22

Blankenship, Loyd; GURPS Cyberpunk; 17

Bledsoe, Jerry; Blood Games; 21

Bloch, Robert & Andre Norton; Jekyll Legacy; 21

Bloch, Robert, ed.; Psycho-Paths; 16

Blumlein, Michael; Brains of Rats; 13

Bodanis, David; Secret House; 11

Bodett, Tom; Big Garage on Clear Shot (audio); 20

Bohjalian, Christopher A.; Hangman; 19

Bonfiglioli, Kyril; Something Nasty In The Woodshed; 19

Bornstein, Harry & Karen L. Saulnier; Signed English Starter, The; 23

Bourne, Edmund J., Ph.D.; Anxiety & Phobia Workbook; 20

Boutell, Cleve; A Certain Discontent; 23

Bova, Ben; Cyberbooks; 8

Bova, Ben & Bill Pogue; Trikon Deception; 22

Bowker, Richard; Forbidden Sanctuary; 10

Bowman, Linda; Free Stuff For Your Pet; 21

Boylan, Eleanor; Murder Observed; 12

Bradbury, Ray; Ray Bradbury on Stage; 20

Braganti, Nancy L. & Elizabeth Devine; European Customs and Manners; 23

Brand, Stewart; Media Lab; 7

Brandt, Nat & Yanna; Land Kills; 20

Branson, Gary D.; Complete Guide to Recycling at Home; 17

Breen, Jon L.; Touch of the Past; 15

Brett, Simon; Mrs, Presumed Dead; 9

Brett, Simon; Mrs. Pargeter's Package; 17

Brett, Simon; Nice Class of Corpse; 13

Brett, Simon; Series of Murders; 13

Briggs, Joe Bob; Joe Bob Goes Back to the Drive-In; 13

Brin, David; Earth; 14

Brooks, Terry; Hook; 22

Broughton, Richard S., Ph.D.; Parapsychology: The Controversial Science; 19

Brower, Kenneth; Starship and the Canoe; 9

Brower, Kenneth; Starship and the Canoe; 18

Brown, Arnold R.; Lizzie Borden; 19

Brown, Dale; Day of the Cheetah; 17

Brown, Dale; Flight of the Old Dog; 17

Brown, Dale; Sky Masters (audio); 23

Brown, David; Rest of Your Life is the Best of Your Life; 20

Brown, Fredric; Featured Author; 4

Brown, Fredric; Martians, Go Home; 23

Brown, Herb; Presumption of Guilt; 18

Brunas, Brunas, & Weaver; Universal Horrors; 15

Bruno, Anthony; Anthony Bruno "Bad" novels; 21

Brust, Steven; Phoenix Guards; 19

Buckingham, Robert W.; Among Friends; 23

Budrys, Algis, ed.; Writers of the Future Vol. 5; 5

Bujold, Lois McMaster; Barrayer; 19

Bujold, Lois McMaster; Vor Games; 13

Bultema, Patrick; How to Back Up Your PC; 23

Bultema, Patrick; Least You Need to Know About DOS; 21

Burden, Pat; Bury Him Kindly; 23

Burek, Deborah M. & Martin Connors; Organized Obsessions; 23

Burger, Ralf; Computer Viruses; 6

Burkholz, Herbert; Sensitives; 21

Burns, George; Dear George; 5

Busch, David D.; Dr DOS 6.0 Customizing Toolkit; 21

Cadnum, Michael; Calling Home; 19

Cadnum, Michael; Nightlight; 12

Cadnum, Michael; Saint Peter's Wolf; 18

Cadnum, Michael; Sleepwalker; 16

Callahan, John; Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot; 4

Campbell, Bob; Up & Running With CompuServe; 22

Campbell, Bob; Up & Running With Word for Windows; 23

Campbell, Don, ed.; Music: Physician For Times to Come; 17

Campbell, Mary; DOS 5.0 At Work; 19

Campbell, Ramsey; Count of Eleven, The; 23

Campbell, Ramsey; Waking Nightmares; 20

Campbell, Stu, revised Donna Moore; Mulch Book; 19

Cannell, Dorothy; Thin Woman, The (audio); 23

Cape, Tony; Cambridge Theorem, The; 23

Caras, Roger A.; Cat Is Watching; 11

Card, Orson Scott; Ender's Game; 17

Card, Orson Scott; Memory of Earth; 22

Card, Orson Scott; Speaker for the Dead; 17

Card, Orson Scott; Xenocide; 17

Carlson, P.M.; Bad Blood; 21

Carr, John Dickson; Door to Doom; 20

Carr, John Dickson; Dr. Gideon Fell book list; 20

Carr, John Dickson; Fell and Foul Play; 20

Carr, John Dickson; Merrivale, March and Murder; 20

Carroll, Andrew; Volunteer USA; 17

Carroll, Jonathan; Black Cocktail; 15

Carroll, Jonathan; Bones of the Moon; 15

Carroll, Jonathan; Child Across the Sky; 15

Carroll, Jonathan; Featured Author; 15

Carroll, Jonathan; Land of Laughs; 15

Carroll, Jonathan; Outside the Dog Museum; 22

Carroll, Jonathan; Sleeping in Flame; 15

Carroll, Jonathan; Voice of Our Shadow; 15

Carter, Forrest; Education of Little Tree, The (audio); 23

Cassutt, Michael; Dragon Season; 21

Castleman, Michael; Healing Herbs; 17

Cecil, Henry; Settled Out of Court; 22

Centennial Press; Bluffer's Guides; 8

Chalker, Jack L.; Labyrinth of Dreams; 21

Chalker, Resnick & Effinger; Red Tape War; 21

Chandler, Raymond; Big Sleep; 16

Chandler, Raymond; Featured Author; 16

Chandler, Raymond; High Window, The (audio); 23

Chandler, Raymond & Robert B. Parker; Poodle Springs; 14

Chaosium; Horror on the Orient Express; 21

Chaosium; Perils of the Young Kingdoms; 21

Chaosium; Sorcerers of Pan Tang; 21

Chapman, Clark R. & David Morrison; Cosmic Catastrophes; 5

Charbonneau, Louis; Ice; 17

Charbonneau, Louis; Stalk; 23

Cheever, Benjamin; Plagiarist, The; 23

Cheney, Diehm, Seeley; Second 50 Years, The; 23

Cherry, C.J.; Rusalka; 10

Cherryh, C.J.; Rimrunners; 10

Chioffi, Nancy & Gretchen Mead; Keeping the Harvest; 18

Chopra, Deepak, M.D.; Unconditional Life (audio); 21

Churchill, Jill; A Farewell to Yarns; 22

Citro, Joseph A.; Monsters (audio); 23

Clagett, John; World Unknown; 12

Clark, Dick & Paul Francis; Murder on Tour; 8

Clarke, Arthur C.; 20

01; 17

Clarke, Arthur C.; 20

10; 17

Clarke, Arthur C.; 20

61; 17

Clarke, Arthur C.; Featured Author; 17

Clarke, Arthur C.; Ghost From the Grand Banks; 18

Clarke, Arthur C.; Tales From the White Hart; 17

Clarke, Arthur C. & Gentry Lee; Rama II; 10

Cleary, Thomas; Essential Confucius, The; 23

Cleary, Thomas; Essential Tao, The; 23

Cleary, Thomas, trans.; Further Teachings of Lao-Tzu; 20

Cleary, Thomas, trans.; Secret of the Golden Flower; 18

Cobb, Stephen; PC Magazine Guide to 1-2-3; 19

Cody, Liza; Backhand; 22

Cohen, Barbara & Louise Taylor; Cats and Their Women; 23

Collins, Michael; Irishman's Horse; 16

Cooney, Timothy J.; Difference Between Truth and Opinion; 18

Coonts, Stephen; Final Flight; 17

Coonts, Stephen; Flight of the Intruder; 17

Coonts, Stephen; Minotaur; 17

Coonts, Stephen; Under Siege (audio); 23

Cooper, Barry, ed.; Beethoven Compendium, The; 23

Cooper, Louise; Avatar; 21

Cooper, Louise; Outcast; 21

Cooper, Susan Rogers; Other People's Houses; 18

Corben, Herbert C.; Struggle to Understand; 22

Corley, Edwin; Jesus Factor; 21

Corman, Roger w/Jim Jerome; How I Made a Hundred Movies in Hollywood and Never Lost a Dime; 20

Corwen, Leonard; Your Resume; 21

Cosby, Bill; Childhood; 22

Cosby, Bill; Time Flies; 9

Costello, Matthew J.; Caught In Time (audio); 23

Costello, Matthew J.; Greatest Games of All Time; 20

Craig, Diana; A Miscellany of Cooks' Wisdom; 23

Crichton, Michael; Jurassic Park; 21

Crider, Bill; Too Late to Die; 14

Crimmins, C.E.; Cat's Picnic; 20

Cringely, Robert X.; Accidental Empires; 22

Crispin, Edmund; Case of the Gilded Fly; 22

Cross, Charles R. & Erik Flannigan; Led Zeppelin: Heaven and Hell; 19

Cross, Pamela; Kitchen Wisdom; 20

Culp, Stephanie; Streamlining Your Life; 19

Cutler, Stan; Face on the Cutting Room Floor; 21

Dadd, Debra Lynn; Nontoxic Home & Office, The; 23

Daheim, Mary; Fowl Prey; 21

Dalmas, John; Kalif's War, The; 23

Dank, Gloria; As the Sparks Fly Upward; 23

Dargahi, Nick; SimCity: Strategies and Secrets; 22

Darling, David; Deep Time; 9

Davidson, Avram; Adventures of Doctor Eszterhazy; 19

Davies, L.P.; L.P. Davies book list; 17

Davis, Kenneth C.; Two-Bit Culture: The Paperbacking of America; 3

Davis, Lindsey; Shadows in Bronze; 17

Davis, Lindsey; Silver Pigs; 11

DeAndrea, William L.; Killed on the Rocks; 15

DeAndrea, William L.; Werewolf Murders, The; 23

Dee, Ron; Descent; 19

Deighton, Len; Mamista; 20

DeNevi, Don; Riddle of the Rock; 19

Denny, Robert; Aces; 16

Dexter, Colin; Jewel That Was Ours, The; 23

Dexter, Colin; Jewel That Was Ours, The (audio); 23

Dickens, Charles; A Tale of Two Cities; 22

Dickens, Charles; Christmas Carol; 7

Dickens, Charles; Christmas Carol (audio); 19

Dickens, Charles; Featured Author; 7

Dickinson, Terence; Nightwatch; 19

Dickman, Chris; Mastering CorelDRAW; 23

Dicks, Shirley, ed.; Congregation of the Condemned; 21

Dickson, Carter; Death in Five Boxes; 19

Dickson, Carter; Sir Henry Merrivale mysteries; 19

Dickson, Carter; Skeleton in the Clock; 21

Dickson, Gordon R.; Dragon Knight; 20

Dickson, Gordon R.; Wolf and Iron; 18

Dickson, Gordon R.; Young Bleys; 21

Dickson, Yarbro, Lewitt & Perry; Harriers: Book 1; 18

DiSilvestro, Roger L.; Living With Reptiles; 15

Doerr, Edd & Albert J. Menendez; Church Schools & Public Money; 20

Douglas, Carole Nelson; Catnap: A Midnight Louie Mystery; 22

Douglas, Carole Nelson; Cup of Clay; 19

Down & Schnurr; Between Home and Nursing Home; 21

Downing, Christine, ed.; Mirrors of the Self; 21

Downs, Elizabeth Diane; Diane Downs: Best Kept Secrets; 12

Dozois, Gardner, ed.; Year's Best Science Fiction: Eighth Annual Collection; 19

Drake, David; Birds of Prey; 17

Drake, David; Jungle; 19

Drake, David; Rolling Hot; 10

Drake, David; Warrior; 17

Drake, David & Bill Fawcett, eds.; Sworn Allies; 10

Drake, David & S.M. Stirling; General: Book 1--The Forge; 16

Dubus, Andre; Broken Vessels; 19

Dunlap, Susan; Death and Taxes; 23

Dunn, Bermant, Berst; 10

1 Windows Tips & Tricks; 23

Dyson, Peter; Understanding PC Tools 7

; 20

Eckert, Allan W.; HAB Theory; 21

Edmonds, Andy; Hot Toddy; 14

Edwards, Paul & Sarah; Best Home Businesses for the 9

0s; 20

Effinger, George Alec; Exile Kiss; 22

Effinger, George Alec; Featured Author; 12

Eichel, Edward & Philip Nobile; Perfect Fit, The; 23

Eines, Marsha & Elliott Katz; Snack Bar Gourmet; 19

Elgin, Duane; Voluntary Simplicity; 17

Ellin, Stanley; Featured Author; 2

Ellin, Stanley; Very Old Money; 7

Elliott, Emory, ed.; Columbia History of the American Novel; 21

Elliott, Lang; Guide to Night Sounds, A (audio); 23

Ellis, Normandi, trans.; Awakening Osiris (audio); 21

Ellison, Harlan; Featured Author; 3

Ellroy, James; L.A. Confidential (audio); 23

Emery, Ralph & Tom Carter; Memories: The Autobiography of Ralph Emery (audio); 23

Enfantino, Morrish, Scoleri, eds.; Scream Factory #8 Winter 19

91-92; 23

Etchison, Dennis, ed.; Masters of Darkness III; 17

Eubank, Judith; Crossover; 21

Ezzell, Ben; Using Turbo Pascal 6.0; 18

Fallis, Greg & Ruth Greenberg; Be Your Own Detective; 11

Fanning, Patrick; Visualization For Change; 19

Farmer, Philip Jose; Red Orc's Rage; 20

Farrow, Last, Pratt, eds.; English Library; 18

Fearing, Kenneth; Big Clock; 4

Feigel, Bob & Malcolm Walker; Over-the-Hill Survival Guide; 9

Feldman, David; Do Penguins Have Knees?; 21

Feldman, David; Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise?; 5

Fenster, Bob; Last Page; 17

Ferguson, John & Burkhard Muecke; Gardener's Year; 18

Ferrars, E.X.; Danger From the Dead; 22

Ferrars, E.X.; Sleep of the Unjust; 19

Ferrars, E.X.; Trial By Fury; 13

Findley, Timothy; Telling of Lies; 15

Fine, Marshall; Bloody Sam; 21

Finney, Jack; Featured Author; 9

Fisher, Carrie; Postcards From the Edge; 14

Fisher, Jon; Uninhabited Ocean Islands; 21

Fisher, Stanley, Ph.D.; Discovering the Power of Self-Hypnosis; 17

Flannery, Sean; Counter Strike; 16

Fletcher, Connie; Pure Cop; 21

Flynn, Michael; In the Country of the Blind; 16

Fogle, Bruce, D.V.M.; Know Your Cat; 21

Forney, James F.; DOS 5 Demystified; 19

Forsyth, Frederick; Deceiver (audio); 20

Foster, Alan Dean; Alien 3; 23

Foster, Alan Dean; Cyber Way; 16

Fowles, Jib; Starstruck; 23

Francis, Dick; Longshot; 23

Frank, Pat; Alas, Babylon; 13

Frazier, Kendrick, ed.; Hundredth Monkey; 19

Freberg, Stan; It Only Hurts When I Laugh; 4

Freeling, Nicolas; Kitchen Book & The Cook Book; 17

Freezer, Cyril J.; Model Railroads; 21

Fromer, Margot J.; Scalpel's Edge; 18

Fulghum, Robert; All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten; 7

Fulghum, Robert; It Was On Fire When I Lay Down On It; 7

Fussell, Paul; Bad Or the Dumbing of America; 20

Fyfield, Frances; Deep Sleep; 23

Gaiman, Neil & Terry Pratchett; Good Omens; 23

Gardner, Erle Stanley; Adventures of Paul Pry; 16

Gardner, Erle Stanley; Blonde in Lower Six; 16

Gardner, Erle Stanley; Breakdown of works; 12

Gardner, Erle Stanley; Honest Money; 19

Gardner, John; Death Is Forever; 23

Gardner, Martin; New Age; 17

Gardner, Martin; On the Wild Side; 23

Gardner, Martin, ed.; Annotated Night Before Christmas; 20

Garson, Barbara; Electronic Sweatshop; 6

Garton, Ray; Dark Channel; 23

Garton, Ray; Live Girls; 5

Garton, Ray; Lot Lizards; 20

Garton, Ray; Monsters; 5

Gaute, J.H.H. & Robin Odell; New Murderers' Who's Who; 18

Gear, W. Michael; Starstrike; 14

Gear, W. Michael & Kathleen O'Neal Gear; People of the Earth; 22

Gebhardt, Richard H.; Complete Cat Book; 20

Gelles, Carol; Complete Whole Grain Cookbook; 18

George, Elizabeth; Well-Schooled in Murder (audio); 21

Gerber, Steve; Nightmare on Elm Street; 6

Gibson, William; Neuromancer; 6

Gibson, William & Bruce Sterling; Difference Engine; 17

Gifford, Thomas; Wind Chill Factor (audio); 23

Gilman, Dorothy; Caravan; 23

Gogol, Nikolai; Sorotchintzy Fair; 17

Goldbloom, Shelley; Garden Smarts; 18

Golden, Christopher, ed.; Cut! Horror Writers on Horror Film; 23

Goldstein, Richard; Superstars and Screwballs; 17

Gonick, Larry; Cartoon Guide to the Computer; 20

Gorman, Ed, ed.; Dark Crimes; 19

Goulart, Ron, ed.; Encyclopedia of American Comics; 20

Grae, Camarin; Stranded; 20

Grafton, Sue; F" is for Fugitive; 9

Grafton, Sue; H Is For Homicide; 23

Grant, Charles L.; Something Stirs; 19

Grant, Charles L.; Stunts; 14

Grant, Charles L., ed.; Final Shadows; 20

Gray, Gallagher; Hubbert & Lil; 21

Gray, Spalding; Monster In A Box; 22

Great American Audio; Home Alone--For Cats (audio); 23

Great American Audio; Positive Reinforcement--For Cats; 23

Greeley, Andrew M. & Michael Cassutt, eds.; Sacred Visions; 18

Green, Roland J.; Sum of Things; 19

Green, Roland J.; These Green Foreign Hills; 4

Greenberg, Martin H. & Ed Gorman, eds.; Cat Crimes II; 23

Greenberg, Martin H., ed.; After the King; 22

Greene, Red; Hawk's Last Case; 14

Greenspoon, Jimmy with Mark Bego; One Is The Loneliest Number; 19

Grillet, Donnat V.; Where On Earth?; 16

Grimes, Martha; Old Contemptibles; 16

Grisham, John; Firm; 19

Grisham, John; Pelican Brief, The (audio); 23

Groening, Matt & Mimi Pond; Simpsons Xmas Book; 15

Gruber, Martin; Understanding SQL; 19

Guerard, Albert; Gabrielle; 23

Gurganus, G. Keith & Gary Katz; Complete Guide to Ventura Publisher; 16

Haddam, Jane; Act of Darkness; 19

Haddam, Jane; Quoth the Raven; 20

Hafner, Katie & John Markoff; Cyberpunk; 19

Hailey, Arthur; Hotel (audio); 23

Hailey, Elizabeth Forsythe; Home Free (audio); 22

Haldeman, Joe; Hemingway Hoax; 15

Haldeman, Joe; Hemingway Hoax; 17

Hall, Derek & John Butler; Baby Animals; 22

Hall, N. John; Trollope: A Biography; 23

Hall, Parnell; Client; 12

Hall, Parnell; Juror; 15

Hanff, Helene; 8

4 Charing Cross Road; 3

Hanff, Helene; Letter From New York; 23

Hansen, Joseph; Country of Old Men; 19

Harp, David; New Three Minute Meditator; 19

Harrington, William; Endgame in Berlin; 21

Harris, Charlaine; Real Murders; 15

Harris, Robert W.; Understanding Desktop Publishing; 18

Harris, Thomas; Red Dragon; 5

Harris, Thomas; Silence of the Lambs; 5

Harrison, Colin, ed.; What's Going On Here?; 20

Harrison, Harry & Bruce McAllister, eds.; There Won't Be War; 20

Harrison, Payne; Thunder of Erebus; 19

Hart, Carolyn G.; Christie Caper, The; 23

Hart, Carolyn G.; Little Class on Murder; 12

Hartwell, David G., ed.; Dark Descent Vol. 2; 20

Hartwell, David G., ed.; Dark Descent Vol. III; 21

Harvard Lampoon eds.; Harvard Education in a Book; 20

Harvey, James Neal; Headsman; 19

Harwell, Richard, ed.; Gone With the Wind as Book and Film; 23

Hasselstrom, Linda; Land Circle; 21

Hawkes, John; Whistlejacket; 11

Hayes, Charles D.; Self-University; 13

Hayes, Penny; Grassy Flats; 23

Heald, Tim, ed.; Classic English Crime; 18

Hearn, Daniel; Black Light; 19

Hedtke, John; Winning!; 23

Heinemann; New American Plays 1; 23

Heinlein, Robert A.; Featured Author; 14

Heinlein, Robert A.; Grumbles From the Grave; 9

Henry, Diane & Nicholas Horrock; Blood Red, Snow White; 23

Hepburn, Katharine; Making of the African Queen; 4

Herbert, James; Creed; 22

Herman, Jeff; Insider's Guide to Book Editors & Publishers 19

91-1992; 20

Hess, Joan; A Diet to Die For; 23

Hess, Joan; Arly Hanks novels list; 21

Hess, Joan; Claire Malloy novels list; 21

Heymann, Tom; In An Average Lifetime; 22

Hightower, Lynn S.; Alien Blues; 22

Hillerman, Tony; Boy Who Made Dragonfly, The (audio); 23

Hillerman, Tony; Listening Woman; 13

Hillerman, Tony; Thief of Time; 10

Hirshberg, Meg Cadoux; Stonyfield Farm Yogurt Cookbook; 17

Hitt, Jack, w/Lawrence Block, et al.; Perfect Murder; 19

Hjortsberg, William; Falling Angel; 5

Hobson, Phyllis; Satisfying Soups; 22

Hoch, Edward D., ed.; Year's Best Mystery and Suspense Stories 19

90; 15

Hoch, Edward D., ed.; Year's Best Mystery and Suspense Stories 19

91; 20

Holland, Isabelle; Fatal Advent; 14

Hooper, Judith & Dick Teresi; Would the Buddha Wear a Walkman?; 15

Hoover, Dale; Shadow Twin; 22

Hough, Harold; Freedom Road; 18

Hough, Harold; Satellite Surveillance; 22

Howard, Bill; PC Magazine Guide to Notebook & Laptop Computers; 19

Howe, Melodie Johnson; Mother Shadow; 13

Howell, Kelly; Brain Massage (audio); 23

Howells, John; Retirement on a Shoestring; 23

Hubbard, Elbert; Message to Garcia; 16

Huff, Tanya; Blood Trail; 23

Hunter, Evan; Featured Author; 12

Ing, Dean; Nemesis Mission; 20

Ing, Pournelle & Stirling; Man-Kzin Wars II; 6

Irvine, Robert; Called Home; 18

Isaacs, Susan; Magic Hour; 16

Ivker, Dr. Robert S.; Sinus Survival (Revised); 22

Jablokov, Alexander; Carve the Sky; 23

Jackson, Paul; Encyclopedia of Origami & Papercraft Techniques; 22

Jackson, Shirley; Haunting of Hill House; 14

Jackson, Valerie; Dollhouses; 23

Jaffe, Betsy, Ed.D.; Altered Ambitions; 18

Jean, Georges; Writing: The Story of Alphabets and Scripts; 23

Jeffers, H. Paul; Who Killed Precious?; 18

Jeter, K.W.; Wolf Flow; 23

Jillette, Penn & Teller; Penn & Teller's Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends; 6

Johnson, Barbara L.; Brothers & Sisters; 20

Jones, Gerard; Honey, I'm Home!; 23

Jones, Judy & William Wilson; Incomplete Education; 7

Jones, Mary J.; Avalon; 20

Jones, R.S.; Force of Gravity; 18

Jones, Stephen & Ramsey Campbell, eds.; Best New Horror; 15

Jones, Tim & Tom Walker; Wild Critters; 22

Jordan, Cathleen, ed.; Alfred Hitchcock's Home Sweet Homicide; 20

Jordan, Robert; Conan the Magnificent; 21

Jordan, Robert; Dragon Reborn; 19

Jupitter-Larsen, G.X.; 34 Essays; 18

Kabat-Zinn, Jon, Ph.D.; Full Catastrophe Living; 18

Kagan, Janet; Mirabile; 20

Kahn, Alice; Luncheon at the Cafe Ridiculous; 20

Kamin, Jonathan; PC Tools 7.0 At Work; 20

Kane, Jeff, M.D.; Be Sick Well; 21

Kantner, Rob; Ben Perkins mysteries list; 15

Karr, Katherine L.; Promises to Keep; 19

Karren, Howard, ed.; Premiere Guide to Movies on Video; 17

Kaufman, Gloria, ed.; In Stitches; 18

Kaul, Donald W.; They're All In It Together; 21

Keating, H.R.F.; Bedside Companion to Crime; 15

Keen, Sam & Anne Valley-Fox; Your Mythic Journey (audio); 23

Kellerman, Jonathan; Private Eyes (audio); 22

Kelly, Ronald; Dark Dixie (audio); 23

Kelly, Susan; And Soon I'll Come to Kill You; 19

Kemelman, Harry; Day the Rabbi Resigned; 22

Kendrick, Walter; Thrill of Fear; 20

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92; 20

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Riley, James Whitcomb; When the Frost is On the Punkin; 20

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Roberts, Les; Snake Oil; 12

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Robinson, Frank M.; Dark Beyond the Stars; 22

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Saberhagen, Fred; Matter of Taste; 21

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Sandford, John; Rules of Prey; 9

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Scoppettone, Sandra; Scoppettone book list; 12

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Simenon, Georges; Maigret at the Gai-Moulin; 21

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Simmons, Dan; Summer of Night; 19

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Sladek, John; Roderick At Random; 6

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Smith, Joan; Misogynies; 22

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Smith, Mitchell; Stone City; 17

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Sommers, Robbi; Kiss And Tell; 21

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th Moon; 20

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Tiger, Lionel; Pursuit of Pleasure; 22

Timmons, Bonnie; Anxiety; 22

Toles; At Least Our Bombs Are Getting Smarter; 20

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Tyler, Anne; Accidental Tourist; 4

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Unmacht, Robert, ed.; M Street Radio Directory 19

91; 20

Urvater, Michele; Monday to Friday Cookbook; 22

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Van Doren, Charles; History of Knowledge; 16

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Westlake, Donald E.; Tomorrow's Crimes; 13

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