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What's my name? My first name is Chalmie. I've learned, through net research that a Chalmie is a medieval musical instrument. A clarinet or other reeded instrument. If you have sound with your browser, the sound that plays at the beginning of this page is a schalmei. It seems there are as many different ways to spell the musical instrument as there are ways to pronounce my name. Here's a picture of a schalmei (aka shawm) and a link to the place my wife found the picture. 


Al-Jon, Inc.

As of October 1998 I began work at Al-Jon, Inc.  Though my title is Analyst, much of what I do is administer the Novell/Windows NT network.  I do a lot of troubleshooting and hardware setup too.  Even with Y2K preparation, there is still a little time for some analysis. 

This is my first time in a manufacturing environment.  Manufacturing is certainly different than what I've experienced before. A lot of detail is required in accounting for manufacturing.  Much physical labor is required, too.  As I always have, I'm learning a lot as I go.

I love it here at Al-Jon, too. The people are Great!  Hard-working, dedicated, and freindly.  Midwestern.  It's a family-owned company with about one hundred employees.  Started in business from nothing circa 1960, the second generation owners are now most active.  Still local, still family-owned.  Not a bad place to work.

Al-Jon, Inc. products are scrap-handling equipment, such as Car-Crushers and Metal-Balers, and Landfill Compactors.  Big-ticket items.  Sales are international and business is Great!


I'm was a systems analyst for PackageNet in Fairfield, Iowa for about two years. I really enjoyed my job and the people I worked with. PackageNet has locations at Supermarket customer service counters in several thousand store, nationwide. These locations allow you to ship packages while you shop for groceries. It's Very Convenient! 

Many of the PackageNet locations are east of the Mississippi but we also work with several large Supermarket chains in Texas, California, Colorado and other states west of the Mississippi. Check out the PackageNet site to find one of our locations near you. 

Here is a link to PackageNet


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