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    The Family.  The Chalmie Calhoun family members are listed at the left. Dad is Chalmie Calhoun III.  Mom is Dixie Calhoun.  Shana and Chasity are daughters of Dixkie and Chalmie.  Chalm (aka Little Chalm) is the only son of Dixie and Chalmie(aka Dad).   
Chalmie's brother Randy Calhoun (aka Gumby) and family links are:

Randy Calhoun (aka Gumby)
Gumby's daughter Katy (Dad - Chalmie's Niece)
Gumby's son Craig(Dad - Chalmie's Nephew)

Created to learn and practice web page development and generally to have some fun. I know my son (Little Chalm) is interested in this and has spent many hours  putting together his own web pages. 

You've seen those web pages that say "Best Viewed With Netscape" and those that say "Best Viewed With Internet Explorer". There IS a difference. This page was created at home using HTML code and the Netscape browser. More recently, we (mostly my son) used "Front Page 98" to edit the site. Originally it looked acceptable using Netscape Navigator. It had a nice navy blue (dark blue) background with white lettering. Using Internet Explorer (at work), it didn't look nearly as good. The background was plain black and the lettering and images were fuzzy. There is a difference in Netscape and Internet Explorer. This, and most other, sites are "best Viewed With Netscape 3.0+." Here is a link to Netscape to download it. 


Ther are other comments on what was used to develop our site at the History Page. bluebar.gif

Never heard of Chalmie Town? Here's where it's at in the midwest. 


Here's how it looked in 1984. 



If you're thinking about having your own web pages you might be interested in How This Site Evolved 



Click on the picture of the pet to read their comments. 

The image map is down right now but should be up shortly on 9/6/1998. 

Here are pictures of the dog (Scooter) and the cat (Kitty). They seem to be favorite subjects for the kids picture taking and scanning. 


This site has been accessed times since Front Page 98 messed up my counter on 11/30/97. 

It was accessed about 760 times before that. 

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