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High School in small town Iowa

Everyone loves pictures...

Aren't we cute!  How could you say no to either of us? Dad, mom and myself.
I could mow with the best of them and so can my grandpa Bill. Dad and mom on Halloween back in the day.
This is a picture I took from the Press Box in Yankee Stadium. I have the full size version of this image at 1024x768, making it the perfect desktop background!
If you look closely at the bottom of the image you can see water splashing up off of the track. 1998 SICL track championship team from high school.
Me running in the 4x100 at the Drake Relays my senior year in high school. What can I say, Max was tired, so I put him to bed.
Me and my 1989 Mercury Cougar Night Cat. Here's a picture of the car I just got. That's why I will be broke for the next 18 months or so.
Baby was my roommate's Ball-Python. These are cross connections for the phones system located at Pella Corporation for Building 32.
Nice Tierra. This was taken at one of the many proms I attended. This is a picture taken of a data closet in Pella Corporation that I installed. I did everything from installing and configuring the switch and UPS to running all of the phone and data cross connects.
Part of my family at ISU's graduation. Left to right: Tawny, Mel, Maxine, Carol, Shawn, and me This is what you really learn to do in college. I believe computer people refer to this as multitasking. I'm listening to mp3's doing research for a paper, chatting on AOL, eating a grilled cheese, and balancing Mr. Orange on my head. Now beat that!
It's nice to graduate and enter into the "real world." Tyler and I standing in front of the "No Standing" sign in Times Square.
Getting ready to head out to my last Buck Burgers at Patty's Irish Pub on Welch Ave in Ames, Iowa. Me, Keith, Jon, and Derek at the Iowa State Homecoming game on October 12, 2002.  Iowa State 31 Texas Tech 17