Proudly offers for sale, these limited sets of salt and pepper shakers.

CVBCIn the left corner, weighing in at a hefty 4 oz. (113g), wearing yellow trunks, filled with genuine MORTON® salt, Kid MORTON®.

CVBCIn the right corner, weighing in at a soaking wet 1 1/2 oz. (42g), wearing red trunks, filled with genuine McCormick® pepper, The McCormick® Mauler.

CVBCThese shakers are made individually and are in the same spirit as "Dogs Playing Poker" and "Dogs Playing Pool". They are refillable and are emblazoned with the CVBC™ Logo.

CVBCYou may order them for home delivery for the price of $5.00 per set plus the cost of shipping & handling. (Let us know how many you would like to purchase and we will notify you of the delivery cost.)

CVBCYou may also choose to reserve your sets at $5.00 each to be picked up at the Cedar Valley Boxer Club Specialty held September in Des Moines, Iowa.

CVBCWe have seen sets similar to these sell for $10.00 in specialty stores that are not this nice. They usually have a single plain Boxer on the front while this set has dogs of other breeds completely around the back.

CVBCThis is the first time these shakers have been offered for sale, and depending on their popularity may never be offered again.

CVBC Proceeds from their sale will go to help fund the Boxer Specialties held at Des Moines. (Come to our Boxer Specialties and you win two ways.)

CVBCTo place an order, please notify us by email: and include "shaker offer" in the subject line to help speed up the delivery of your order, or by mail:

Boxer Shakers
2276 Quail Avenue
Rockwell, Iowa 50469

Thank you for your support!

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