Links to other Rescue Related Sites

American Boxer Rescue Association
A wonderful site that provides information and tools to help budding rescue groups, individuals who want to be more involved in helping our breed, people wanting to adopt a Boxer, and even those who can no longer care for their pet and need to know how to find a proper home for their friend.

American Boxer Rescue Mailing List
The AmericanBoxerRescue-List is a mail list for those interested in boxer rescue, including active rescue personnel, those who foster rescue dogs, rescue dog owners and others interested in boxer rescue. The list is meant as an area to discuss rescue issues, receive mentoring and help from others in regards to dog rescue, and a place to meet with other rescue people.

Boxer Rebound
This group of dedicated rescuers work in the Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana areas. They are as dedicated to the breed as you can get.

Boxer Central
Coach Jeff Teed
This is a wonderful new site that has links to about every rescue site in the nation along with links to veterinay articles of interest. Links are also available to pictures, forums, and general interest. A good starting place for information.

Green Acres Boxer Rescue
This rescue group takes in Boxers from all areas of Wisconsin. They care for Boxers who have been placed in shelters, strays, abused / neglected, and owner surrenders. They offer good insite as to whether rescue is right for you.

Mid-Michigan Boxer Rescue
Beth Moody, 810-686-4812,
Service Area - Southeastern MI

MidWest Boxer Rescue net
Serving the states of Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska. This site will give you great information about what rescue is, what you can do to help and put you in contact with people who love and care for boxers needing homes.

MO/KAN Boxer Rescue Association
Liz Phillips, Lawrence, KS 785-979-2679
Service Area - Kansas State & Greater Kansas City

Missouri Valley Boxer Club
Lee Mitchell,
Service Area - Western IA, Nebraska State, & South Dakota

White Boxer Information:

Coat Color in Boxers and The ABC

The White Boxer Chronicles

The White Pages

Where White Puppies come from

Naming your White Boxer

Hearing Impaired Information:

White Boxers and Deafness ABC

Deaf Dog Education Association
This site provides education for the purpose of improving and/or saving the lives of deaf dogs. They are a non-profit organization founded to speak on behalf of and assist in the betterment of life for deaf dogs everywhere.

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