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We are located in Iowa.
We are only able to do home visits and receive dogs within Iowa. If you are from a state other than Iowa, please go to our links page to locate a rescue closest to you.

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AGE: Four

Let me introduce my self: I am a white boxer with cropped ears. I was found running loose in Waterloo, Iowa. I don't know what happened to my real family. After being unclaimed, I was brought into Cedar Valley Boxer Rescue until a permanent home could be found for me.

OBEDIENCE TRAINED?  I have had obedience training. I'm good in a fenced in yard, but will run if let off a leash. Currently I live on an isolated farm, so I just run until I'm tired before I am ready to come back into the house. I think it's a game.   
GOOD WITH CHILDREN? I love everyone I meet, but I would do best with older children. I tend to be a bit of a buffoon.  I love to play fetch, chase and love to wrestle. I have no problem sleeping with you on the floor, on the couch, in bed...
GOOD WITH DOGS? I get along fine with other dogs, I even get along with other dogs that don't get along well with others. I just ignore them.
GOOD WITH CATS? I'm generally fine with cats.  There are plenty of farm cats where I live now and they just ignore me. I generally have enough other things to occupy my time. 

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