Evaluation Home Guidelines

1) Evaluation homes must be approved by the rescue board and must be sponsored by a Cedar Valley Boxer Club member.

2) When at all possible, rescue dogs will be seen by a Vet before being placed in an evaluator's home.

3) The rescue chairman must approve any Vet bills up to $150. The rescue board must approve Vet bills over $150.

4) A qualified member of the rescue program will evaluate all dogs before accepting them into the system.

5) If the dog is a stray an ad will be placed in the local paper. After a week the dog will become part of the rescue program.

6) If its owner surrenders the dog, both the owner and the receiving rescue member must sign an ownership transfer agreement form.

7) All dogs in the rescue program will be spay or neutered before leaving the program, unless authorized in writing by a Vet that a procedure has already been done or that the dog is deemed inoperable.

8) Anyone wanting to adopt a rescue dog will fill out an adoption home evaluation form. The rescue board will make all final decisions on adoptions.

9) There will be a three-day waiting period before a rescue dog can be placed. This is to allow for proper evaluation of temperament.

10) When possible, adoptive homes should have a 24-hour waiting period before picking up a rescue dog.

11) A rescue member will proceed with a 1st day, 30 day and 60 day follow up on adoptive home and new rescue dog.

12) The rescue board will make final decisions on all subjective circumstances.

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