Rob Brandt, Assignment 1.1, 10/10/07

Tom, I believe you heard about this one. This is my son & I at the boy scout campout at Rosenblatt Stadium. We sat right behind the kid that got popped in the nose by that wild fly ball.
Sounds like we'll be sleeping under planes at SAC this weekend!

Some things I enjoy doing:
Fishing, Ham Radio, spending time with my family, & making things do stuff they aren't nessesarilly designed to do.

Here is my personal, & professional website (yes, I need to update it).
My Web Portfolio

Here are some really cool pages that I have used in several presentations:

Motoman Robobar

Motoman's video page
If you think the last one was good..... Amos, you should find something interesting in here.

Weather education

Ham Radio
If you wanna do a callsign search try kb0rhv

Another good radio site.
Even has radio mods, just don't get caught with one!


Lab 1-1
I made lab 1-1 a pizza order form.

Lab 1-2
Lab 1-2 is a pretty good time, but a long walk.

Assignment 2.1

Assignment 3.1

Assignment 4.1

Assignment 7.1

Assignment 8.1