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Former Monte principal accused of sex crime

A former Montezuma High School principal has been charged with sexually exploiting a Montezuma High School student while he was principal of the school.

David Wayne Schroeder, 55, of Paulina, was arrested at 10:57 a.m. on Friday June 5, at the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office on a warrant issued by the Iowa Department of Corrections.

Schroeder served as principal from August of 2007 until he resigned in April, 2009.

According to Jasper County District Court documents, between October 2007 and June 17, 2008, Schroeder allegedly exercised a pattern or practice or scheme of conduct to engage in sexual conduct with an unnamed female student, who graduated from Montezuma High School in 2008. Schroeder lived in Jasper County at the time.

Court documents state that in October 2007, Schroeder allegedly provided the student and a friend of the student with special privileges, including shopping trips to malls in the Iowa City and Des Moines area, lunch trips, and access to his office.

According to court documents, the pattern of conduct allegedly continued until January 2008, when Schroeder allowed the two students to stay at his Jasper County residence.

Records state that the two students allegedly stayed at the residence on at least four occasions. During one of those times, court documents state that Schroeder laid on his bed between the two students, putting his arm around one of the students and tried to put his hand up her shirt. Eventually the friend refused to go to Schroeder’s residence.

According to court documents the unnamed student allegedly continued to stay alone with Schroeder at his residence. During March and April 2008, the student stayed at Schroeder’s residence about once a week, court documents state, and during May and June, Schroeder provided the student with a key to his residence in Jasper County.

Court documents further state that during an interview, Schroeder admitted to kissing the student on the lips after a basketball game, and that he kissed her on more than one occasion.

Court documents also say that Schroeder said he was giving the student advice about school, family and helping her out financially by paying for her cell phone, providing her with gas money and insurance for her vehicle.

During the interview, said court documents, Schroeder admitted after graduation and prior to June 20, 2008, that he performed sexual acts with the student. According to court documents, the student stated during an interview that Schroeder had allowed her to stay at his residence and provided for her financially.

The student further stated that Schroeder had allegedly used religion and prayer to get closer to her and told her that God told him to heal her through these sexual acts.

According to the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, Schroeder posted a $5,000 bond and was released after being booked into jail.

According to the Jasper County Clerk of Courts Office, Schroeder’s preliminary hearing, scheduled in Jasper County Court on Tuesday, June 16, has been waived.

The crime of sexual exploitation by a school employee is a Class D Felony. All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

UPDATED June 16, 2009 1:00 PM

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