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Low voter turnout the name of the game for Nov. 3 county elections

By Dann Hayes

Preliminary results of the 2009 locals elections indicate that there were very few surprises this year – unless, of course, you live in Guernsey.

With no one listed on the ballot in the town of 35 registered voters northeast of Deep River, voters had to write-in candidates if they wanted anyone serving as mayor or on the city council.

According to Diana Dawley, auditor and commissioner of elections, 16 voters turned out for the election.

Results of the election were

- Roger Steffen received 12 votes for mayor

Voters were asked to vote for five for city council. With nobody on the ballot, voters wrote in the following citizens

- Daryl Pidima received 14 votes

- Larry Grier got 14 votes

- Gerald Slaymaker had 13 votes

- Doug King received 12 votes and

- Tom Morton garnered 11 votes.

“We will send out the election certificates,” Dawley said. “It will be up to them to notify the city clerk if they want the office.”

Overall, voter turnout was lower than normal in Poweshiek County. Dawley said it was probably because of the lack of contested races – only Brooklyn had a contested slate in the county.

After canvassing the votes at the board of supervisors meeting on Monday, Nov. 9, results for other contests for mayor show that in Brooklyn, Dennis “Skip” Solem was elected mayor with 82 votes; Deep River’s Robert Brennan received 19 votes; Gordan Canfield was re-elected in Grinnell with 220 votes (there were four write-in votes); Allen Waterbeck received 14 votes for mayor of Hartwick; Malcom’s Richard Kirby received 17 votes for mayor; Roger Pawlak received 70 votes in Victor; while Stan Brenneman captured 27 votes.

In Searsboro, Dwight Triplet received 19 votes, but a semi-controversy arose when write-in voters seemed to have given 20 votes for Jerry Tremmell. According to Dawley, some of the voters cast ballots for Jerry Tremmel while others voted for Arnold Tremmel.

The board of supervisors made the determination that voters may not have known that Jerry and Arnold are the same person and asked him to come to the board meeting and let them know he is one and the same.

After contacting Tremmel, though, Dawley said that he indicated he was not interested in the position. So Triplet was elected mayor with 19 votes.

There were not many contested races in the election. In Brooklyn, both Nate Hopwood (100 votes) and Nathan R. Taylor (69 votes) captured seats on the city council. Other candidates running were Mindy M. Evans (26 votes) and Bob Parker (23 votes).

Other results for contested races included:

- Michelle Hawkins received 41 votes for two seats on the Ladora city council, while Branden Martinson captured 26 votes. Others running included Vicky S. Schutterle (22 votes) and Sandra Stratton (10 votes).

In other election news,

- Searsboro’s Rex Arthur received 32 votes for council while Jack L. Shepard Jr., garnered 24 votes. There was a scattering of 22 write-in votes.

- Malcom’s Dawn Hamilton received 25 votes for city council while voters wrote in Deb Read (13 votes) and Virginia Davis (four write-in votes). There was also a scattering of 11 votes.

Results in other areas include:

- Grinnell city council results found James M.White receiving  213 votes for council member-at-large, Oliva Wright capturing 71 votes for 1st Ward, and Rachel Bly winning the 3rd Ward seat with 49 votes.

- Victor’s Daniel D. Cavin (54 votes), Lynn T. DeNeve (56 votes), Marla K. Faga (62 votes), Joan Robinson (53 votes), and  James Weiermann (48 votes) were all selected to the city council. There was also a scattering of 19 write-in votes.

- In Hartwick, Carolyn Allee (15 votes), Larry Neuhaus (14 votes), Cerik Parker (15 votes), Karla Robison (13 votes), and Kathy Woodman (nine votes) were all selected to the city council.

UPDATED November 12, 2009 10:28 AM

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